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Did anyone of you watch the Cyclo Cross World Championships? I just saw it on tv...fascinating! The 3km long circuit was packed with people (75.000). Even my friends that normally not watch cycling on tv found it very interesting aswell. Cyclo Cross is definitely made for tv! Can't belive though that the sport doesn't even exist where I come from :'( :'(
I don't think I have ever seen CycloCross on TV here in SA. I've seen images and reports in magazines, but thats it.
The sport doesn't exist here either. If you asked 100 random people what Cyclo Cross was, I bet all wouldn't know ::)

BUT I was at the inlaws last year and highlights from the worlds were on TV and everyone was happy to watch it over the cricket :) people do find it fascinating!
I'd be one of those unfortunate people who wouldn't know what cyclocross is. How about an explanation please? :)
Always good to keep up to date on the new events on the horizon. :D :D
Cyclocross is a mixture of mountain biking, track racing and cross country running. Courses are around 2-3km long and have 'portage' sections which are designed to be unrideable - shoulder your bike and run...

The bikes used are beefed up road bikes (although nowadays there are purpose built 'cross bikes) with semi knobbly tyres, cantilever brakes and mad riders! The race is normally an hour long - similar to a criterium.

It's not uncommon to find stairs, man made 40cm high hurdles, steep muddy 45 degree inclines and trees in a 'cross.

If you have British Eurosport I've heard a rumour that the Cyclo Cross WC highlights are on Feb 6...8pm I think....
Tried Cyclo-Cross a couple of times in the UK many many years ago. Our club ran them in January usually on a snowy icy route! It was a "fun" event! (Fun!!!! ::)). We used any old road bike available and as I remember there was little riding but much running and carrying. More like an army assault course! :'(
Someone had the idea of rubbing Oil of Capsicum on arms and legs to keep warm! (Durban born wife has just told me it's made from chillis! :p). Anyhow I learnt NEVER EVER do that and have a hot bath afterwards! ;D
Warm water never burnt so much huh? ;)

It could be good fun in summer but these weird brits only do 'cross in the dead of winter. Crashing on a downhill and landing face first in ice cold mud is not my idea of constructive training. It's also pretty embarassing when you consider yourself a semi decent cyclists and you get lapped in a one hour race!!!! :mad:

Top notch 'crossers are certainly the hard men - right up there with Paris Roubaix.

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