Cyclocross And Road Bike Frame Measurements


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Jun 28, 2015
Hi guys,

Are the measurements the same when selecting a road bicycle vs. cyclocross? So if I ride 61cm frame road bike. Do I need the same for the cyclocross?
I know the mountain bikes are totally different. Not sure about the cyclocross.

Depends on the bikes and riders. Some cross bikes are relatively smaller for their nominal size, having shorter top tubes. This would be an indication to get the same size. Some road riders are on the largest frame that will accommodate them. These guys should size down for something more maneuverable and easier to mount and dismount. Also consider that most cross bikes are built with less bottom bracket drop, thus raising the standover.height.

In cross you will want a shorter, slightly taller reach. If you're riding a 61 cm road bike and the stem is shorter than 12 cm, consider sizing down.
No expert, but I think you can do about the same frame size as a road bike. The geometry of cyclocross bikes is just different to allow for the different riding style.
Kinda depends on your body type and preferences. 'cross bikes have a higher BB (makes sense for clearance). So the 'same frame size' would tend to result in a taller standover clearance. Top tubes, though, tend to be a bit shorter on 'cross bikes of the 'same frame size'...which is more important to some.
It depends on the cross bike. Look at the effective top tube rather than the frame "size." Also look at bottom bracket height. A cross bike with a higher bottom bracket (60mm bottom bracket drop, for example) would require sizing down; I have to size down for Ridley and Cannondale. Other cross bikes have a 70mm bb drop and basically fit the same way (all else equal) as a similar road bike (Focus, until recently used a 70mm drop but now is something like 65mm). Look at specific brands, and don't make general assumptions lumping all cross bikes together.
Bigger tires on the cross bike will create a taller standover height, plus, you'll want a little extra clearance in the top tube.

You might also find yourself going with a stem that's 10mm shorter than you run on your roadie.