Cytomax replacement!


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Jan 24, 2002
I've been in the UK for 10 months and not been able to get my grubby paws on some Cytomax - my faourite racing fuel. I've dabbled a bit and seem to have found a replacement! It's called Enduro Load (made by allsports in the UK)

Over the weekend I tried two products: Enduro Load (during racing) and Amino Load (post race recovery drink - bought it from the same site cos I'm a sucker for advertising!).

I was very impressed with both - the Enduro Load worked well during the race and I experienced less 'lactic' discomfort and less 'fade' as the race progressed.

The Amino Load seemed to do it's job - we did 100km of hills the next day and I felt a bit sore and stiff at the beginning (legs tired from the race) but finished strong.

Both products are available from

I don't work for them, earn cash from promoting their products blah blah just thought there might be some saffers in the UK looking for a good product.

The Internet ordering process was quick and painless too.
Anything as good as, or better, than CytoMax at a chepear price is a good buy. Hopefully I can source the stuff here in SA and give it a try.
USN has a product called CytoPower at almost half the price of CytoMax here in SA. Highly recommended! ;)

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