DAFNz Dizciplined Dizproportionately - NAACP Sue'z

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    More evidenze that DAFN mizbehavior iz genetic (King County, WA).
    It izn't juzt in Florida, Tennessee, or Georgia, it'z anyGDFwhere
    you chooze to make the meazurement:

    ******************* exZZZZZZZZZZZZerpt
    ****************************** NAACP might double school
    claim - 2004-03-10

    KENT -- Black students received 26 percent of disciplinary
    action in Kent schools in 2003, although they represented 10
    percent of enrollment. The figures were released Tuesday in
    response to an open records request by the King County
    Journal after the NAACP filed a $10 million claim against
    the school district last week, claiming excessive use of
    force by school security....

    White students made up 65 percent of the district's
    population and were the subject of 52 percent of the
    disciplinary actions.

    Carl Mack, president of the Seattle NAACP chapter, said he's
    not surprised by the numbers in the Kent report, but doesn't
    believe black students are inordinately targeted for
    disciplinary actions.

    [Soundz like Carl Mack *KNOWz* the genetic truth...]

    Mack, however, said he is more concerned about what he
    considers to be excessive use of force on African-American
    students by school security officers.

    [Hey Carl, genetically violent people require more force to

    Numbers obtained from the school district discipline report
    also show that more disciplinary actions are taken against
    African-American students as the sanctions become more
    serious. Likewise, fewer white students are disciplined as
    the sanctions become more serious.

    [Genetically stupid people screw up worse...]


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