Dahon Jet Steam P8-folded + suspension



I test rode a Dahon Jet Stream P8 Folding bike that has a rear
suspension and a strange looking front suspension in a fork.
I would like any information about this bike, alternatives, components,
rider experiences, etc.

I have numb feet and ride a Trek 5.0 Pilot for a road bike and a Trek
Fuel 90 for a mountain bike. I'm interested in a bike I an use around
time and for traveling (planes, trains). I want a bike that performs
reasonably well, is durable, and is comfortable. I would not use it for
much off road riding. The price of $799 is about as high as I would
would to go for a bike that had this specialized use. One concern I had
is that the extremely unusual front fork might be a problem if
something went wrong with it. It is not something you could get on a
trip from a lbs.

Alan Acock
[email protected]