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    Discontinuing Any Drugs It's never a good idea to just stop taking any drug that the body has become
    adjusted to. This includes Ritalin, and all other similar drugs. One way to do this is to cut the
    dosage in half for a week, then in half again for another week, and then cut it out. Watch for any
    withdrawal symptoms (flu type symptoms are most common).

    The Dangers of Ritalin and similar drugs (speed) WHAT'S WRONG WITH RITALIN? "Some children, of
    course, have problems so severe that drugs like Ritalin are a godsend. But that has little to do
    with the most obvious reason millions of American children are taking Ritalin: compliance. One day
    at a time, the drug continues to make children do what their parents and teachers either will not or
    cannot get them to do without it: Sit down, shut up, keep still, pay attention. In short, Ritalin is
    a cure for childhood." -- Mary Eberstadt (Reading, Writing, and Ritalin) What the US Drug
    Enforcement Agency Says About Ritalin U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Drug
    and Chemical Evaluation Section Methylphenidate (Ritalin)

    1. Ritalin is a Schedule II stimulate, structurally and pharmacologically similar to amphetamines
    and cocaine and has the same dependency profile of cocaine and other stimulants.

    2. Ritalin produces amphetamine and cocaine-like reinforcing effects including increased rate of
    euphoria and drug liking. Treatment with Ritalin in childhood predisposes takers to cocaine’s
    reinforcing effects.

    3. In humans, chronic administration of Ritalin produced tolerance and showed cross-tolerance with
    cocaine and amphetamines.

    4. Ritalin is chosen over cocaine in self-administered preference studies in non-human primates.

    5. Ritalin produces behavioral, physiological and reinforcing effects similar to amphetamines.

    6. Ritalin substitutes for cocaine and amphetamines in scientific studies.

    7. Children medicated with Ritalin who tried cocaine reported higher levels of drug dependence than
    those who had not used Ritalin.

    8. Ritalin abuse is neither benign or rare in occurrence and is accurately described as producing
    severe dependence.

    9. Sweden removed Ritalin from its market in 1968 because of widespread abuse.

    10. More high school seniors were abusing Ritalin than those taking it medically prescribed.

    11. Side-effects or Ritalin: increased blood pressure, heart rate, respirations and temperature;
    appetite suppression, weight loss, growth retardation; facial tics, muscle twitching,
    central nervous system stimulation, euphoria, nervousness, irritability and agitation,
    psychotic episodes, violent behavior, paranoid delusions, hallucinations, bizarre behaviors,
    heart arrhythmias, palpitations and high blood pressure; tolerance and psychological
    dependence and death.

    12. Ritalin will affect normal children and adults the same as those with attention and behavior
    problems. Effectiveness of Ritalin is not diagnostic.

    13. CHADD, non-profit organization, which promotes the use of Ritalin, also receives a great deal of
    money from the drug manufacturer of Ritalin. CHADD does not inform its members of the abuse
    problems of Ritalin. CHADD portrays the drug as a benign, mild stimulant that is not associated
    with abuse of serious side-effects. Statements by CHADD are inconsistent with scientific

    14. The International Narcotics Control Board expressed concern that CHADD is actively lobbying for
    the use of Ritalin in children.

    15. Ritalin is one of the top ten drugs involved in drug thefts and is being abused by health
    professionals as well as street addicts.

    Websites Citing Dangers of Ritalin and other MethylPhenidate Drugs (Adderall, Concerta, etc) The
    following articles are only the tip of the iceberg. Using "Ritalin" as a search word turned up
    54,700 references. Most of these cite known dangers. Every parent who has an ADD/ADHD child, and is
    considering the use of Ritalin (or other generic type drugs) should read all the information FIRST!

    Ritalin and similar ADD/ADHD drugs may cause cancer Ritalin may cause permanent brain damage

    Ritalin cause of death

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    More Web Sites on the Dangers of Ritalin Help our Children be FREE of Ritalin!! Ritalin: Violence
    Against Boys

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    Rich Quinn's excellent collection of papers and articles on the Dangers of Ritalin.

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