Danish World Runner to finish at Greenwich - Today 23rd Oct 05

Jesper Olsen at 2pm this afternoon (23rd Oct) will be arriving at
Greenwich Observatory this afternoon and on his arrival will be the
first person to run around the world. His website is at
www.worldrun.org. He left London Jan 1st, 2004 and since then has run
through Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia , Canada, USA and Ireland.
This is his schedule today:

03am.: Start at "Luton 6miles" on the A6.

Hatfield, 30km,
East Finley, 55km,
Regents Park, 62km,
Trafalgar Square, 12:45pm.,
Jamaica Road, 70km,
Cutty Sark & Gypsy Moth, 13:45pm.,

14pm. Old Royal Observatory, Zero Meridian of The World; Greenwich.

Please enocurage your firends to go out and run with him today or ride
whilst he is running or give him a round of applause as he goes by. He
deserves to be recognised for what he has achieved.

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