Dario Frigo...epo strikes again!


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Aug 12, 2003
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just in case you have a problem with Age subscription garbage...

Quote from The Age web site

"Italian Tour de France rider Dario Frigo has been arrested after doping products were found in his wife's car at the toll station at Albertville.

Customs officials and local police arrested Frigo's wife with about 10 doses of EPO, before Wednesday's stage of the race in the French Alps.

A spokesman for his Fassa Bortolo team confirmed the arrest, telling Reuters: "The gendarmes came at 0730, arrested him and held him for questioning. It is a case which concerns only Dario Frigo and not the team."

There was a similar case in 2002 when the wife of Lithuanian rider Raimondas Rumsas was arrested by French customs officers with drugs in her car on the day her husband finished third in Tour de France.

Rumsas and his wife will go on trial in November in France.

"This is not the same as the Rumsas case," a source close to the Frigo investigation said.

"We haven't found as much drugs."