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Aug 11, 2001
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When protests backfire

We’re indebted to an American correspondent for this tale of a brave but patently foolish motorist named Alan Martin, age 49, who decided to stage a one-man protest after police confiscated his recreational vehicle in Daly City, California (it had just been involved in a minor accident).
Deciding the police had no right to take away his wheels, he deliberately lay down in the busy street and refused to move.

Alarmed officers managed to shield his body for a few minutes by blocking a lane of traffic with a patrol car, but then along came one of those hot-pursuit police chases so beloved of movie-makers – and suddenly Martin’s protest took on an entirely different dimension.

Fleeing suspect Kevin Domino, 37, accidentally rammed the stopped patrol car, then drove over Martin's body. Seconds later, while trying to straighten out his car, he inadvertently ran over Martin a second time before flooring the gas.
Police caught Domino a few blocks later when his car stalled, but by then the protestor was not a happy man.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Martin was admitted to a local hospital in “fair” condition. It’s reasonable to assume that his convalescence will be devoted to conjuring up more passive forms of protest.

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