Davis Sommerville v ersus Mike Jones; straight up comparison.

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Ronde Chumpion


With both rider's form apparently on target, based on the Central Park podium, and the Solano GC
top twenty, any bets on a straight up competition?

If anyone knows the rider's programmes, lets see it here. I would plan a trip to see that race.
Before we start any wagering, just keep in mind that they might combine forces. Sort of collusion
in spite of us

Should be a great 2003!!

Thanks, Ronde Chumpion

Thinking I might switch from Joe's barber shop to a hair salon, and from the expensive
Evian bottled water to Aldi's diet soda in bulk. Seems like that's were the sport is headed
in the States.

to judge yourself;

www.davidsommerville.com www.spokepost.com
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