Dawes Discovery 301


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Sep 8, 2012
Hello everyone,

I'm a total beginner cyclist about to buy a bike. Obviously I learnt how to ride when I was little but haven't ridden for ages so will be a bit wobbly! I'm looking on ebay to buy a bike. I've noticed a Dawes Discovery which could be a bit of a bargain. I'm a 5'10" woman abd I think this is a men's bike. 21" Frame. Is there any reason I shouldn't buy a men's bike? Also is it the right sort of bike for me? I will be using it for some short bike rides at the weekend (not off road) and perhaps might work up to riding to work which would vary in distance as I'm a music teacher travelling around to different schools. I would say that comfort and stability were my priorites. I also don't want to spend too much as it's my first bike. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Many thanks!