Dawes Super Galaxy 2003 -chainwheel spec?


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Sep 26, 2006
I'm going crackers because I need to get replacement chain wheels 48t large, 36t middle for this bike. I'm not at all technical but need to know the spec in sufficient detail to be able to get either thwem or if necessary a complete new chain assembly.
The chianset is Shimano Deore 48/36/26, hollowtech crank arm, Mega Shimano drive train, has 4 bolts plus a larger hexagonal centre bolt but it's the compatability with the Bottom bracket that I'm told is the problem and I need new Octalink BB too. Am I being fobbed off? Can't I just get hold of the 2 chainwheels rather than everything inc the BB?
I'm new to all this and don't even know wheteehr this is the right place for this kind of rant!! Can anyone help?!
Where are you, country? There is no location in you details (Left).

I suggest another Shimano Dealer, the 104mm PCD 36 and 48 tooth Chainrings should be available. A replacement Shimano Crankset is FC-M540-SK 48-36-26 using Octalink BB.

There are many Non Shimano Crankset Options, Sunrace, and other good chinese products for example.
Thanks George. I'm UK. I'm assuming I've got the 2003 Shimano Deore chainset spec whatever that was. I'm really trying to avoid having to buy the new Octalink BB and just buy preferably replacement chain wheels for the big and middle wheels or at least a full chainset including presumably the crank arms to fit the bottom bracket already there - if all that makes sense. I'm being quoted about £80 for the new spec crankset and BB when, if I knew what to order, I could probably get the 2 chain wheels for about £25 or at worst a chainset exc BB for £50. Surely there are stockists of the older Deore spec components aren't there? After all the bike is only 3 years old!! (or am I being naive - as I said I'm not an expert in all of this!!). Anyway thanks for your reply George - nice to hear from someone trying to help. Regards.