Day 5 - Coffs Harbour to Kempsey


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Apr 15, 2003
Five days down and six to go....that's almost halfway :)

Well i left coffs at approx 6am this morning feeling refreshed after a massage that i got yesterday....I paid this girl $15 and felt 100% better afterwards. ahhh the hands of an angel :)

As soon as I left Coffs Harbour I came up against a hill...what a wake up call!! The early morning went well, there was not a cloud in the sky, the wind was only moderate and the tempreture was fresh but not too cool.

I got some advice from my stepdad about mental willpower....he said something along the lines of having to project your mind into another place to have the physical power to move on. Today I needed this. I am not going to lie and make myself out to be a superhero. TODAY WAS TOUGH!! By the time I made Urunga I was willing to give up. From Sawtell to Urunga was hard. It is only about 28km's but the terrain in unforgiving and the wind picked up once again. I stopped at a servo in Urunga and didn't want to get back on the bike. There was two things that made me move. 1 I refuse to be a quitter, and 2 I kept thinking of the children at the hospital who I am raising half of this money for. I am sure there are days when these kids would like to quit, but they can' I was not about to quit on them now.

I got back on, pointed the bike south and started to pedal. I was miserable till I got to Macksville, which is about 22km's of misery. When I stopped at a servo to grab a Mars Bar and some more water, I sat in a plastic chair outside the servo when an elderly couple approached me and asked where I was off to. We got chatting and I discovered that they are travelling up to Cairns in their new motorhome. Ken & Edna were the lovelies people, and before they left they were telling me a story of their grand-daughter, Katie, and her struggle with Leukaemia.

Unfortunately Katie didn't win her battle and it was at this moment that Ken & Edna sold their printing business, house and car, bought the motorhome and decided to live their life-long dream of travelling our beautiful country. Edna then said to me with a tear in her eye " We are so proud to have met you, and are proud of you and what you are doing. It is people like you that puts a smile on people's faces and hope in their hearts". I know that it sounds mushy but hearing Edna say that put a smile on my face.

It rained for most of the afternoon....but I didn't care....I was in a good mood:)

I arrived in Kempsey at about 2.15pm and headed straight for the school to have a chat with the kids. It's only a small school but the kids were great!

I booked into the hotel and grabbed a hot shower. I went back to reception to inquire about dinner when the Manager's daughter, Tracey, was discussing going out to Smoky Cape Lighthouse to take some pics. She is a keen photographer and regularly heads out there for her next big shot.

she invited me out to join her, and after the day I had, I thought it quite a good idea.

It was a good 35 min drive out there, but well worth it. I can certainly see why she chooses this spot to take pics. It was simply amazing.

We happily chatted on the way back to the hotel and we had dinner together at the family's restaurant. It was nice to have dinner with another person. I must admit, I am starting to get a little homesick for the company of my pooch and my 2 flatmates.

Daily Stats:
Total Km's = 113km
Total Time = 6 hrs and 33 mins
Avg. Speed = 18.8kms/hr

Kym McDoug

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May 25, 2003
Dannii, following your epic ride with great interest, you obviously are keeping the reason for the journey top of mind. Lovely story about meeting Ken and Edna. Well done, great effort, keep it up!! From all the gang at the Queensland Cancer Fund.

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