Daylight Saving Time for South Africa!


Aug 11, 2001
Hey guys from South Africa. Let's support this petition to introduce Daylight Saving in SA and get a extra hour or two for training! 8)

Click here to say YES to more cycling time!

Taken from the website
Summer time, and the living is easy; it could be a lot easier if we had more time to enjoy it! If South Africa followed the trend in most other western nations and introduced;daylight saving time; in the summer, we could move an hour of sunshine from the early morning to the evening. Take a look at how it would work ....
If only there were more hours in a day is the anguished cry of many a stressed out worker! Of course we are rigidly controlled by the 24-hour clock, and we can't change the passing of time: what we can do, however, is manipulate the hours we do have to make better use of them, particularly in summer.
This morning I started work at 8am in Cape Town, with a hot sun already fairly high above the mountains, ready to blaze through another blissful day whilst I slave away in a dark corner. How much more sensible it would be, I thought, if I started work at dawn (or before), worked my stint, and then emerged in the late afternoon into "the remains of the day" to look forward to at least another five hours of sunshine.
My local newspaper weather section tells me that the sun rose today at 05h40, at which time I was fast asleep! Before I had awakened, showered and breakfasted, then set off for work at about 07h40, I had missed out on two hours of daylight! Seems to me I would have been better off doing my ablutions in darkness, and tacking those two hours on to my summer evening instead, when I could have sunbathed during what is currently the evening cocktail hour!<p>
This could be simply achieved: all we have to do is turn our clocks forward an hour (or two, or whatever the fundis deem fit) at the beginning of summer, and turn them back again on the appropriate date at the end of the season. Our neighbour Namibia does it, so why can't we?
I guess this will take a really intelligent decision on someone's part! So I reckon we don't stand much chance! ::)
I reckon the decision makers won't grasp how it works, and turn it down. ::) :-X
We've got some states in Australia that dont have daylight savings, QLD is one. The general excuse is 'the poor farmers don't want it blah blah blah'

I couldn't live without it, 5 hours of daylight after work during summer rocks!
That sux! :mad: OLD needs daylight saving! Before the end of this year!
Up in Gauteng we're losing out even more due to the non-implementation of DST. In December the sun was rising at 4h50 or thereabouts. If you got out of bed at 06h30, we'd lost close to 2 hours of sunshine. Now imagine the Sun setting at 20h15 instead of 19h15. Sub-3 Argus here I'd come.

I'm in for 1 hour of DST implementation !!! 8)