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  1. Date: 15 Jun 2004 05:38:45
    From: chris
    Subject: Re: Decanio on doping at

    This is nothing new, though. There are a few teams out there who seem
    to turn their riders into a--holes, including a few junior programs.
    A few years ago I was cooling down after a race with a friend when we
    noticed a prominent NE team ride by an average joe cyclist with
    (obvious) mechanical problems like he didn't exist. We turned around.
    I'm not saying we're special, just that we're not winning friends in
    the public by being dicks.

    Regarding Decanio, I found it an interesting read, but not too
    surprising. I've heard a few Saturn stories and U.S. doping in
    general. Its so easy to get away with here and its easy to get good
    drugs. My views on doping have changed over the years, but I will say
    that doping to win some regional race in the U.S. like Athens
    Twilight, Bear Mountain or the Green Mnt Stage race is laim; who are
    you impressing? God, I've heard of cat 3's and 4's doping! At least
    get your D-1 pro contract first and then make that decision. However,
    if anyone out there believes Hein's claim that 95% of the Euro Pro's
    are clean they're smoking crack. Overall, I think most of us can pick
    out the dopers in the U.S. and clean guys; some guys win big races,
    others dominate from March to September. At least in the U.S. you can
    certainly compete clean and win, just not so often (e.g. Mark

    When I was in Ireland a few weeks ago I caught a great 2 hr program on
    doping in sport, with an emphasis on cycling and running. They had
    interviews with Robin Seymour (top Irish cycling MTB), Paul Kimmage,
    Dick Pound and UCI notables. It was amazing, the Pound is pointing
    fingers saying cycling has a problem, but that doping isn't
    widespread, the UCI says 5-10%, and clean riders are saying 95%. Some
    researchers are now saying that some genetic manipulation may already
    exist. I think what Decanio claims is just the tip. As I said, its
    easy to do here and easy to get, so its very tempting. Whether you
    agree or not, doping at the top may be a "necessary evil", but juniors
    and U-23's need to realize they need to get to the top on their own
    merits, not chemicals. Who want's to dope up to finish last in P-R?
    Maybe too many.

    BTW: I am in no way implying or pointing fingers at any U.S. rider in
    particular, just generalizing from what I know (seen/verified) and
    have heard (rumor or heresay from those I trust).

    > It rang true to me. I am surprised too that he said as much about Saturn

    as he
    > did. I do not have the best of things to say about the Saturn Junior team

    > experience with them. They had some good kids, but a bunch of them were at
    > least as nasty as anything said about Gags, or Sundt.
    > If JT is bringing this up, and it doesn't surprise Richard then your going

    > have to prove otherwise to me.
    > Bill C