Decisions regarding a couple Cannondale road bikes


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Sep 11, 2012
Hi all, I am in the market to replace my current Trek 2100 model that I bought new back in 2005. I am leaning towards the 2013 synapse hi mod red in a 51cm but was wondering if anyone had any idea how much more the bike would weigh vs. a super six evo red? Retail price wise it looks to be a few hundred dollars less but from the catalogs I have seen the 2013 synapse has the Mavic Elites and the 2013 super six has the equipe. If true the wheels would save me 140 grams which would help with what I would assume is a heavier synapse frame. Thoughts? Opinions? I am not a racer by any means so the rigid super six is not really necessary for me. Thanks for the help in advance.


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Jun 10, 2004
The weight's not going to be enough to worry about. The manufacturer's claimed weights for those frames and user measured weights can be found via your local Google outlet. The Synapse is not going to ride like the Super Six Evo. The fits are significantly different, with the Super Six having an aggressive position while the Synapse's is more relaxed. I'd advise forgetting about weight and instead test ride both to see which one's position and ride suits you best. Riding 2012 or 2011 variants will tell you the same since the positions are the similar.