Deda Oversized Bars and Clip-on Bars for Time Trials

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Robert Stern

I current used the Deda Clip-One Aero Bars as the solution. You can see them at Excel Sports. The
concept is fine but the back plate -that holds the bar tight in place- is too soft and cracks. I
am having a friend make me a replacement piece out of stainless steel that will have some more
beef to it and won't crack. If you are interested in this solution let me know. I am trying to get
a group people together to make this more economical. If you're interested please contact me.
Thanx A Lot, Rob Stern
Think you are missing the point.

DEDA had a design problem with these bar systems (tdf 2002) when they were being tested lampre and postal were breaking them all over the place (rumsas time trial) etc.

If they break, then they are not fit for the purpose which they were designed.

Talk to the distributors.............
Not open for further replies.