Deep carbon fiber aero wheels


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Sep 16, 2003
.... Maybe I am the only one that gets over 2,000 miles on a rim since no one bother to refute what he said.....
I guess others on this forum must be breaking wheels as well after one ride because no one refuted it.

No, we simply can’t be bothered with CT’s impure style of argumentation any more.
CT doesn’t seem to realize the difference between ”winning” an argument by attrition compared to as winning by the value of the arguments.
And since he can out-stubborn a mule, he’s simply not worth the effort.


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Feb 3, 2008
Man, I leave the forums and comeback to this. What was that whole heap of **** info from the n00b? That read like a copy and paste job from a Chinese website translated by a dog.

Cheap carbon rims should be ridden and inspected with the a little more care than anything else. Personally, I wouldn’t touch them even with a long pole but each to their own. I’ve had enough crashes to entertain equipment that is somewhat dubious of nature - things that Chinese knockoffs and Campagnolo wheels made in licorice factories in Romania.

If you’re wearing out aluminium rims in 2,000 miles you really need to either (a) get an accurate bike computer and quite the real distance or (b) learn how to ride a bicycle without full death grip on the brakes. Just thinking back to my trusty Mavic MA40s from the 80s, they probably had a good 30,000+ miles on them. That could actually be well over 50,000 but I can remember exactly how many years I used them in training with many hours in cold wet English winters - uphill both ways, lots of salt in the roads and a headwind everywhere. The Open 4CD’s that replaced them after a pothole the size of Lake Windermere ate the back wheel, had about the same and still lives to this day. A set of Open4 Ceramics lasted for years before someone made me an offer for them I could not refuse. I miss those rims. My GEL280’s took a fair beating for such a light rim and had more than a few thousand racing miles on them as did my trusty GP4’s and SSC’s. I still have the GEL280s and maybe I’ll get them built up with some new hubs.

That said, skinny ol’ me also manage to break the unbreakable wheel - an original DuPont/Specialized trispoke, the original matte black ones.

The only reason Campybob has some many pictures of failed carbon rims is that he made too many emergency stops when suddenly spotting sheep in his local fields, dirty old man...

James Crum

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Jul 24, 2019


Chinese carbon wheel warning. Avoid carbonspeedcycle at all costs!
My advice: avoid ebay seller carbonspeedcycle and anything from a seller called Helin Liu on AliExpress (or anywhere else).
Thanks for advice! It's a real problem:(

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