Deflating tyres



Do I have to defllate racing tyres after I have been on the road. Surely the high pressures (12psi) will eventually stretch the rim tape into the spoke holes , put unneccary stress on the sidewalls etc. Anybody with suugestions?????

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!

Big H
Hi H,
I'm not sure about this. Should be o.k. if you have good quality rim tapes, which I believe you have. The area of the rim tape which does not cover the spoke holes is greater than the area over the spoke holes, thus there is more pressure holding the tape against the rim than there is pressure stretching the tape into the holes. I'd say if in doubt, throw the old tape out and fit a new one.

There's probably a greater danger of a tyre blowout if the bike is left standing in the hot sun on a day of say, 35 - 40 degrees Celsius. Depends on age and condition of the tyre, too. When the bike is moving, airflow around the tyre is enough to prevent excess heat build-up.

For long-term storage, yes, I'd drop the pressure down from 120 psi.

Hmmm, just reading that first paragraph again reminds me of Pythagoras and his right-angled triangle: The square on the hippopotamus hide is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two hides. :) Forgive me, I digress. It's been a hard week.

By the way, how are your new wheels?

Cheers. Will.
Do I need to reduce tyre pressure when travelling by car from the Highveld to the coast because of change in altitude? Anyone had problems? ???
Air pressure is higher down at the coast, so I suggest re-checking tyre pressure once you get there. Rule of thumb is to inflate tyres while they are cold (before you ride).
If you ride your tyres right on their pressure limit drop them slightly before you put 'em in the car to watch prize giving! When you inflate them it's early in the morning and cool - the car is gets really hot and WABOOM - good bye racing tyres....

The difference in pressure between earth and aeroplane is 1 bar maximum so you probably don't need to drop the pressure much. I run my tyres at 8 bar (11 bar max so I don't bother letting 'em down).
Oh yeah - I almost forgot. 1 bar (atmosphere) = 14.7psi - 407.14inches water for the old timers.... ;)
I usually inflate mine to 2849.98 inches/water! (7 bar to new guys! ;D) Maybe I should drop about 407 inches/water before I go to Cape Town?! ;)
Your tyre pressure will drop about 0.1bar between JHB and CT.

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