Delaware river + Sesquahanna river tour

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I'am trying to map out a route up the Delaware river, from upper bucks, to Hancock NY and then
across to the Sesquahanna and down to Harv'e de grace
MD. It looks like a lot of fun and bloods boiling just thinking about it. Anyone ever done this or
sections of it. I,am looking for worthy diversions along the way. I'am sure there are hundreds.
Anyone intrested in joining me. I am just starting to plan it. I am thinking about 60 miles a
day or less. I am shooting for june or july of 2003, long day light. I want to travel light but
want to try to camp most of the way. Most of the route is close to civilization so I'am not
going to carry much food or food prep stuff. I'am going to try to plan in plenty of time 2 to 3
weeks. I don't want to ride in the rain and I want to enjoy myself. I may try to time the end
with a triathlon in MD. I don't know yet. Any info anyone might have would be appreciated. This
will be my first tour. Any words of wisdom from experienced tourers would be welcome also.
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