(Delurking post) Weight routines that Approximate Swimming

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by David Kotschess, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. There are a couple things keeping me from becoming a triathlete at the moment:

    1) I can't swim

    2) Even if I could, there are no ****ing pools around here

    Neither of these are a permanant situation. I'll figure something out. There's no hurry. In the
    meantime, what is the best weight routine for a triathlete wannabe? If I were to follow a training
    schedule for a tri, and replace "swimming" with exercises, what would those exercises be?

    I've searched this NG, and there are posts about weight routines for swimmers. I think what I'm
    asking for may be different. This is in place of swimming, not a supplement to it. There might be no

    I also realize swimming is largely about technique, and I won't be getting that. I think this would
    help me focus on the technique aspect of it though, once I figure out where I'm going to swim and
    start getting lessons.