Denver, Co joy riding...


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Jan 30, 2004
hey everyone, new to the website... great stuff, just checking to see if there are any Denver cyclists out there that would like to maybe for a biking group to go around the beautiful bike trails we have around town (cherry creek, bear creek, etc)...

I am relatively new to cycling (started last summer) and love it, and want to start riding more often come spring time... as it is I try to ride to work as often as the damn snow lets me...

Longest rides I've done were about 50 mile round trip, but I'm most definately down to do longer (century rides?)...

Also, I'm planning on doing some touring come summer time.. just let me know if anyone is interested, thanks!
Hi Christian, I only just saw this message but I'm in the Denver area and will be getting a road bike very soon. Right now I ride a mtb frequently, but after I get the road bike, I'd be interested in doing some bike paths, etc. I'm also hoping to do a couple tours this summer (Tour de Cure, etc.).
Hiya, just found your messages, and I'm up for some rides as well. PM me if you're still on the board...


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