depression and low carb dieting?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Crystal, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. i find i have FAR FEWER mood swings while LOW CARBING.


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    > Crystal this happened to me the first time around on the atkins,
    > everything was good - then about 6 months into (i was down about 40
    > pounds) and I started feeling weird - didn't know what it was,
    > depression or what. I stopped the atkins, and ate chocolate (dark
    > chocolate) and low and behold I felt much better after a few days...

    > wasn't really exercising that intensely the first time around). But
    > needless to say: I am 100% sure the lc, caused my bought with
    > depression - but here's the bright news: 1 - take a B Complex
    > supplement or increase the intake of B12 and Vitamin C - i have found
    > the multivitamins, exercise, and the extra - potassium, calcium, b12,
    > c, and niacin give me a pretty even mood.
    > hope that helps!