Descente cycling gloves



Does anyone know where I can order a pair of Descente cycling gloves? I had an old pair that wore out and they were simply great.
Descente discontinued selling cycling clothing in the USA some years ago.  However, they still make cycling clothing, although you may have to order it from a distributor in another country.  The following links may be of some use:

You could try a search at for 'Descente' and 'cycling' or 'clothing'.  If you do find a distributor in the USA or any other country that will sell you Descente products, please send me an e-mail.  I'm also looking for replacements for some of my old Descente cycling clothing.
Descente is back. I just bought a great shell jacket after struggling forever to find one I liked. Sure enough, they picked up right where they left off -- my favorite stuff.

Not so crazy about the "Made in Vietnam" tag, though. :-O

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