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    Diabetes Diet War

    By Dara Mayers
    U.S. News & World Report
    Sunday, July 6, 2003

    The bible says "make starches the star." That's the
    Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible, published by the
    American Diabetes Association. "Grains, beans, and
    starchy vegetables form the foundation of the Diabetes
    Food Pyramid. The message is to eat more of these foods
    than of any of the other food groups." For 17 million
    Americans with diabetes, diet is a crucial part of
    treatment, And what the ADA bible preaches, many doctors,
    nutritionists, and patients believe.

    But what if the ADA's high-starch diet -- another way of
    saying high-carbohydrate -- is not healthy for people
    with diabetes but harmful to them instead?

    This possibility is now the source of heated debate in
    the diabetes community. It is "the most controversial
    aspect of diabetes treatment today," says Scott King,
    editor-in-chief of Diabetes Interview magazine. How
    controversial? "Malpractice!" is how physician and
    diabetes specialist Lois Jovanovic, chief scientific
    officer of the Sansum Medical Research Institute in Santa
    Barbara, Calif., describes conventional high-carb
    nutrition advice.

    Carb consequences. These arguments are more intense than
    the nutrition wars over low-carb . . .
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    Visit the Physicians Committee for Resposnible Medicine
    for excellent food recommendations:


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