Diary of a Mountain Biker in Twickenham

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    :confused: Diary of a Mountain Biker in Twickenham.

    Az-Elarab Jedid – Community Police Officer 7106TW

    January 29th 2004

    Diary of a Mountain Biker in Twickenham

    Extract from the Met Office Archives (http://www.metoffice.com/climate/uk/2004/january.html):

    “After a rather cold cloudy day on the 26th an arctic airstream brought snowfall to northern areas, affecting eastern coastal counties and the south-east later on the 27th. During the 28th another band of snow gathered strength over the Midlands as it migrated southwards, reaching the Home Counties during the rush hour. The passage of this front produced squalls, a sudden drop in temperature and a period of heavy snow which, in many places, settled quickly (even in central London where 2 to 4 cm fell). There were also many reports of thunder and lightning. North Wales, north-east England, the Lincolnshire Wolds and parts of East Anglia had significant falls, with depths up to 15 cm in places. Transport links were seriously disrupted in many regions. “

    In Twickenham, there was snow and ice on the roads. The snow had been a surprise and there had not been any gritting on the roads.

    In order to avoid the ice on the roads, a cyclist was cycling very slowly and very carefully on the deserted pavement… deserted except for community police officer Az-elarab Jedid 7106TW. -elarab Jedid stopped the cyclist with the words “stop, I must give you a ticket”. The cyclist responded “you’re not giving me a ticket. –Az-elarab Jedid called for backup and within 2 minutes the cyclist was surrounded by a police constable and un-marked car with a non-uniformed police heavy ready to arrest the cyclist. The cyclist was threatened with arrest if he did not give his name and address and accept the fixed penalty ticket. Just try getting that kind of quick police response if a member of the public is being murdered, mugged, or robbed.

    When the cyclist pointed out that there was snow and ice on the roads because they had not been gritted and that this was grounds for not issuing a ticket (which is true), Mr Jedid 7106TW denied that he could see any snow or ice. When the cyclist pointed out a patch of ice, Mr Jedid replied that "it looks like a white carrier bag...". It was not a bag, it was ice. Do you really want community police officers with this attitude?

    Mr Jedid was un-employed before he became a community support officer. One of the main requirements to become a community support police officer is an interest or dediction to support the local community. To this end, community support officers can frequently be seen issuing parking tickets and cycling fines during office hours... after 18:30hrs there is no sign of a police officer of any kind. There are 25 community support officers in Twickenham alone during office hours. At 22:30hrs when a murder took place on Twickenham Green, there were no police officers at all on scheduled duty outside of the warm police station. The residents have been asking for an (evening) police presence for that last two and one half years since these attacks started. The police have even jailed a mentally handicapped man for the previous attack. This man has not been released despite the police themselves making the obvious connection between the recent murder and previous attacks in the area.

    1. Still to this day, there are no signs indicating that it is illegal to cycle on the pavement anywhere in the borough.

    2. There still remains a painted cycle path (apparently due to be removed claimed Az-elarab Jedid 7106TW) on the pavement some 10 yards from where the cyclist was given a fixed penalty ticket

    3. The road conditions were particularly dangerous featuring ice and the pavement was void of pedestrians.

    4. The cyclist was riding very carefully showing consideration & giving priority to pedestrians

    5. There were no pedestrians on the pavement other than Mr Jedid 7106TW

    6. The defendant had no less than one minute earlier passed police officer PC401TW who did not remark at all about his riding on the pavement.

    When this law was proposed, Charles Clark stated that this law was not designed to punish "....

    responsible cyclists who sometimes feel obliged to use the pavement out of

    fear of dangerous traffic on the roads, and who show consideration to other

    pavement users when doing so" (Charles Clarke, the Home Office, August 1999).”

    Three cyclists were arrested and bundled into a police van in Kings Road, Twickenham for refusing to release their names and addresses when a community support officer wanted to give them penalty tickets for cycling on the pavement. Kings road is too narrow to support a cycling lane - a previous cycle lane exists and is diverted by signs onto the pavement at Kings Road. Once again these road markings have not been removed.

    The current Greater London Unitary Development Plan states that cycle lanes & public transport will be improved together with the removal of parking spaces in towns to encourage alternative ‘green’ forms of transport. Yet in its implementation Greater London wide, high streets have been narrowed and pavements widened with the removal of cycling lanes. In Twickenham the temporary bus lane has now become permanent parking spaces. The two/three lane high street has been reduced to two/one lanes (1 car lane and 1 bus lane). The bus lane repeatedly narrows to a shared single lane at pedestrian crossings and bus stops. Cyclists can no longer pass safely or at all at these frequent width restrictions. The pedestrian pavement was already wide and no further benefit has been gained with respect to the pavement by any of these changes.

    At the same time, there is now an enforced fixed penalty fine for cyclists caught on the pavement. This is no coincidence. Nor is it any coincidence that the police and related public servants themselves will not cycle as they consider it to be too dangerous.

    The local community officer did not explain that it is now illegal to ride on the pavement, nor did he attempt to use (any) discretion (the roads were icy that day and just one week earlier a cyclist was knocked down outside Marks & Spencer when a heavy goods vehicle’s rear doors were opened into the road in the path of an oncoming cyclist. Any good police officer or community officer should have known this.

    When the cyclist was surrounded by a police force, two proprietors from the shops in Heath Road who clearly saw everything voluntarily came out of their (different) shops to protest on the cyclists behalf to Mr Jedid & the police officer against the penalty ticket suggesting that a warning should suffice. Several other passing members of the public protested against the police action. At least six other people stopped, of their own will, in support of me and criticized the Mr Jedid 7106TW who did not reply at all.

    Once the police officer and unmarked car had left, Mr Jedid 7106TW kept the cyclist waiting for over thirty-five minutes whilst he wrote out his penalty ticket during which time he repeatedly laughed and sniggered at the cyclist.

    Mr Jedid 7106TW remarked that I was “…not white” when he reached the part of the process that requires a racial ancestry to be identified. Mr Jedid 7106TW thus willingly propagated the racist seed spawned by David Blunkett.

    Everytime the cyclist then saw Mr Jedid 7106TW in Twickenham, Mr Jedid 7106TW would run and hide or put his back up against a wall. Do you really want frightened cowards in the police force? What are the implications for such people becoming tyrants?

    On February 24th, the cyclist's bicycle was seen being taken whilst chained to railings outside an office in Richmond by a community police officer. When the cyclist tried to claim the bicycle back from the police they had no record of it. The £3,500 bicycle had an internal transponder hidden inside the frame.

    The stolen bicycle first turned up for sale in Loot in the St Helens, Liverpool. When the cyclist tried to arrange with the police to meet at the location of the bicycle, help was refused. The very next day the sale advert was cancelled. Eventually an email address was obtained for the current keeper of the stolen bicycle. The mail server operator could not disclose information but agreed to release it to the police. The police relunctantly accepted full details of the email address of the bicycle owner but took no action whatsover.

    Following complaints, Mr Jedid 7106TW has been moved out of the Twickenham area. He now participates in a team in Richmond which arrests and fines young people who congregate in town since activities for young people in the borough have been sold off the government profit:

    The ice rink by Cambridge Park was sold off for private development after the public were conned into agreeing to demolish with the promise of a new ice rink.

    Over twenty separate cases of the sale of Metropolitan Open Land (MOL status ) to “enabling private development” and to schools who in turn have sold off their non-MOL status grounds for development.

    Recovered stolen bicycles are never returned to their owners. Frame numbers are not used in matching only loose descriptions are used by policy such that no stolen property is ever returned, it eoither becomes "re-owned" or sold at auction for profit.

    The same goes for other items of lost property including vehicles. Nothing is returned to owners voluntarily by the police.


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