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    This is funny. This may have been posted before but IDGAF

    website >> http://members.tripod.com/geert_pc/slang.htm

    excerpt >>
    fat boy -- A rider with more muscle than you, (especially above the waist.)

    FDGB -- Fall down, go boom. Usually accompanied by dirty looks from the stoker.

    February legs -- That heavy, stoney feeling in your thighs.

    feeling the chain -- A good pull; a good burn. "I was feeling the chain after that pull."

    filcked, flicked -- Dropped from the group.

    flat liner -- A rider who is good on the flat, but as soon as the road goes up, gets shelved .

    flathead calves -- Legs that are in fatless form.

    fork plant -- What happens after you realize that your front skewer wasn't as tight as it should have been...

    foxing -- Deliberately riding bay, in the hope of getting a better handicap. An ancient Australian tradition in the weeks before a big race.

    Fred -- Anyone who is marching to the beat of a different drummer. A newbie.

    Freida -- Female Fred.

    Freight Train -- Big guys that take a long time to get up to speed then hold a VERY fast pull at the front while everyone barely hangs on over the flats.

    friction -- Forget all that integrated indexed crap, good old friction this is the system of choice for retro-grouches.

    fridge magnet -- a wheel sucker, someone who does no work at the front.
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    Fridge magnet, so thats what I should call those people... haha thanks for the post I gotta use some of these on my next group ride.
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    These are funny. Fall down and go boom. Fred this is a good one. February legs. Everybody who bikes has had that.