Did i bust my rockshox deluxe rear shock?

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    I have a Trek Powerfly full-suspension E-Bike 2019.
    I am a beginner to mountain bikes, and so unfortunately I don't know what I'm doing.

    My Trek comes with a Rockshox Deluxe RL shock, which has a 2 position blue compression knob; please see photo below:

    blue comprssion knob - only 2 positions.png

    I was experimenting with my shock before understanding that my compression knob had only 2 settings (locked, and open - see blue graphic on the shock in the photo above).

    But in experimenting with compression, I saw only at the red graphic on the shock - thinking it was for the compression dial (when in fact the graphic is for the rebound adjustment).

    Looking at the red graphic, I turned the knob (too forcefully) counterclockwise (when looking at the knob from the front) - beyond it's intended range.

    The knob now clicks at three positions, instead of the intended two (lockout and open):

    compression adjuster-closed.jpg

    compression adjuster -open.jpg

    newly created 3rd position on compressiom adjuster.jpg
    The third photo in the series above shows the artificial 3rd position/click (at 4 o'clock) that I caused after forcing the knob too much counterclockwise.

    The closed/lockout (8 o'clock) position still appears to work, as does the open (6 o'clock) position.
    Nothing seems to change when I move the knob from the open (6 o'clock) position to my artificially created 3rd position/click at 4 o'clock.

    I took the bike to the bike shop; the mechanic said the shock still works, so don't worry about it, just keep an eye on it.

    I'm very OCD - I was thinking I should have the shock replaced.
    I'm embarrassed to go back to the shop and ask for an unnecessary replacement (I would pay the cost of-course).

    But is my mechanic correct in saying a replacement is not necessary?
    By forcing the knob to a 3rd position or stop - is the shock indeed still good, is it safe???

    (I read somewhere in another forum in which the poster said his knob was broken, and as a result, he saw oil leaking out the knob.
    And a YouTuber said in a video a broken shock under pressure could blow up).

    So my question is: - should I just "keep an eye on things" as suggested by bike shop, or should I just purchase a new one?

    Thanks in advance!!
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