Did I mention the Goor-met food sale?

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Melba's Jammin'

I went yesterday and today. A local place (www.northairemarket.com, I
think). $3 off the retail price of their soup mixes. The mixes don't
taste especially salty, but, OMG, they have upwards of 750 mg of sodium
per cup serving. My good laugh: Nice lady serving said, when I
remarked about the high content, that I can reduce that by adding
vegetables, etc. Huh? The only way that's going to reduce the sodium
level is by increasing the volume of the batch, thus getting, say, six
servings from the batch, rather than their number of four.

I bought cheese ball mixes, too. Pretty cinchy - add to cream cheese
and butter. Most will be for gifts. I'm curious to try the Pot Roast

There you have it.
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