Did you ride today ? new and improved thread

The ride video from last night's ride. Ladies and Gents Ride. We ride around the Claremont and Covina area in California.

A solo 47 miler today at 16.7 average speed. Fat ******* found a place to chill after the ride. :D



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Just got back from a short ride The homeless guy still in the same place sitting in his vehicle. Nice temps. Headed out on the boat shortly. The Harbor grill is now open and we rarely miss Sunday lunch there.
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25 easy miles with Gina today. Well tried to go easy but the freaking wind made it tougher than I wanted. backed off the pace with a 15.2 average speed. Testing go pro mounts so just a cruise. Gina did well and finished strong looking fresh at the end of the ride. Not too hot, not too hard so she was good. We had a nice tailwind on the way back and could have pushed much harder but, what for? I stopped a couple times here and there to relocate the recorder on my bike trying out the new mounts.

The blue hb mount, 2 for $10 on ebay. That's amazing as I paid $59 for a K Edge mount 8 years ago. Same exact thing but the K Edge is black and these are a cool blue. The alum thumbscrews are cool and huge improvement over the cheap plastic screws go pro screws you with! :D

It's tough taking pics while riding into the wind with one hand. But somebody's got to do it!:p


Gina well protected. Face mask and plenty of sunblock.


Gina's ponytail going salt and peppah! :p


I'm still amazed at the blue hb mounts. The alum thumbscrews are simply awesome. The black barrel is a 360 swivel type mount. Seems cool but I think too much vibration around where it turns. I also placed it on the seatpost facing backward. Pretty sure got plenty of rear wheel in the shot. I'll have to check the footage later to see what it looks like. But I also picked up a couple, 2 for $10 of just about the same thing as the clamp section without the swivel barrel. i still have to try them but I'm figuring they well vibrate a lot less.

Wow, guess I'm the only guy riding here. :(

Fun 22 mile ride last night with a group. Supposed to be 10 or less as the organizer says half of the people don't show up most of the times. I think this is one of those days that does not fit into those days cause I think everybody and their mother showed up ha ha! :D

With a stop along the line. They say usually at a coffee shop for pastries but in these times, that shop closes too early. But hey, I'm new to the group and I myself would rather have ice cream ha ha!

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Well, another ride with the group but this time on another bike trail. I don't ride this one much as it's uglier than my usual trail.

About 15 of us? Well I'm used to the people shooting out like bats out of hell off the line so my plan is always to sit back and watch till they get tired. This time a bit more relaxed at first. But saw the gal in red at the front of the pack for maybe 5 miles. Hmmm, shouldn't be there as she looked like she might be the weak link imo, not to be mean. Looked good but I've seen the other women and they are more aggressive. If I was in charge, I would have told her to drop back as soon as we started, in the draft.

So 15 miles into the ride, she's back in line and doing fine. But 2 of the more aggressive gals pull out of line and go around the front. Leaving a big gap ahead of the gal in red. Poor gal left to work on her own trying to pull up 2 others. I don't care for that style of riding so I dropped back and let her take my wheel. Couple miles down the road she says thanks for letting her ride my wheel, said it really helped. Then said she hopes she can keep up with the others. I explained to her that she was doing fine and her downfall was that the others are disorganized.

I told her to stay on my wheel, I'll do a stead pace, no surges or sprints and she would be fine, actually ride better than she would expect. So sure enough, 3 miles later we run up to the pack ahead of us and go right around them. of course we had hit the nasty headwind. I was just cruising with her on my wheel not working too hard while the others started struggling. Then we see the 2 more aggressive women ahead. I tell the red gal not to be surprised when we roll by them too. She said I dunno, they are strong. I just laughed and told her to stay with me. I'm used to holding steady so that Gina can ride my wheel easily and we all do a good pace when I hold steady. I knew what would happen.

So sure enough, another mile then we pull up on the 2 stronger gals. I make sure red is ready then we pass steady not to surge or open a gap on red gal. She makes the pass easily and as I ride around, the stronger gal says damn it go windy. Yup, I know the drill well ha ha I was thinking to myself. Well Red was really happy. I told her she was great but needed to find a steady wheel to help her along. She has the ability but the mindset of the group can ruin a rider.

So we end up pulling the entire line of people for about 5 miles into a very stiff headwind. Of course, the final 1/2 mile, 3 riders go around. Pretty common when cyclists know they are going to make it. I just keep my pace having seen this so many times. Everyone gets stronger and faster when the worse part is over ha ha! But I just keep my pace because I know there are 21 miles back and I plan to do a good pace.

We all hang out a bit, eat lunch in town then head back. Half the group stayed at the beach to play in the water. I hate sand in my shoes so not for me.

We head back and right away I can tell a couple gals won't hold the pace so the ride organizer says go ahead and they will meet us up the road. I take off and the guy behind me goes with me right away. I back off a bit and let him catch on. Not wanting to pull away from the others, just testing to see who is going to go with me. Then later I see another couple working hard as if to try catching up so I back off a bit again.

They catch on then I lift the pace. Nice ride back doing about 22-23. The gal was doing good for a while but started fading so the other guy asked me to slow down and hold it to no more than 20 mph. Cool, we were half way back and that gal worked hard to keep up so I backed off a bit, we would all have a good ride.

The one dude in blue/black asked me if he could help about 5 miles before the end. Sure! He helped me out so that was cool. So we all had a good time rolling back and again, this chick was happy.

The fourth guy with us said,"thanks for the monster pull into the wind, it was really tough!". Hey, I appreciate compliments. Then after the ride, he says thanks man for the ride back, you are awesome! Hey, I live for days like that ha ha!

The dude in blue/black is a long time follower of my blog. Super nice guy and a follower on strava as well. Had known of each other since the bike forum dot net days when it was cool. But we had never met one another till today. We got along well. He asked to help and was willing, that was a plus. But he also reads all the comments I put on my blog about the cry baby posters on dot net and says, you are absolutely right. He has seen the things I comment on. Like the Stanley Sprinter that you pass, sucks your wheel then sprints around 10 miles later only to fade. We all see that but many of the forum posters cry about my comments and say it is in my head. This guy is a breath of fresh air when they tell me he has the same experience over the years.

I'm guessing all the cry babies are crying because they're the wheel suckers that are doing it ha ha!

So anyway, we had a great time and rolled back the final 21 miles at a 19+ average speed according to strava and we were all happy!

A few of the clips!

I always look kind of skinny in my bones jersey! :D

26 mile ride today with Gina 16.2 average speed. Beauty of a day, sunny but not hot. Gina did very well, usually does when the heat isn't blistering. Checking out the view from behind the stem test and a few random clips,no music this time.

Video . Ran into a couple of friends.

16 miles at 13.6 speed, late night cruise around the industrial center to relax my legs. Finished around 11 PM Proper recovery and easy rides to relax the legs is a major part of training. In other words, I'm getting old ha ha! :D Freakin' spiders were all over me tonight! :mad:

I did put on a new GP5000. First time trying it. Honest opinion: It worked! :p

Cycling forum review: I gained 2 MPH on my average speed! :D:p:D

25 miles with the group tonight. Felt really good, actually great! Haven't smashed the grades like this in some time. Maybe because I have had a chance to ride more lately. I'll end up with 450 or so miles this month.

Hey, I got in the pic! Pic from the ride leader's cam.

I just love this bike, 1998 CAD3.

62 miles with a group today. Corona to San Clement pier. Rode out then the train back.

25 miles with Gina today. 14+ mph winds made it feel tough today. Either it was the nonstop headwind, the 62 miles yesterday, or I'm just plain getting old! :D

Nice day though, sunny but not hot. Gina did well. She was pretty good after the ride. I think I was more beat this time.
The ride video. 62 miles to and along the coast. Had to work hard getting some video of the faster gang. Next time, doing it again at the end of the month, I plan on getting more video of the slower gang so I can breath. :D

Thursday night ride with the gang! 25 miles around town. Most of us did about 15 - 16 average speed.

Just some raw footage, no music this time!

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Just got off the bike. I literally thought I was going to pass out on the last climb. I just can't take the heat and humidity like I could 10 years ago.
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Just got off the bike. I literally thought I was going to pass out on the last climb. I just can't take the heat and humidity like I could 10 years ago.

Those 10,000 ft climbs will do that! :D:p:D

No climbing but plenty of wind on the trail today. First time Gina and I have ridden the tandem in over a year and a half. But it still worked, still smooth, and a nice ride. Beautiful day! All the people who went out and bought bikes for the virus must have them hanging in the garages because the trail is back to near normal again. Lots of wide open trail. :)