Did you ride today ? new and improved thread

Just got back in time to watch that last of today's stage. What great weather we have today. First time in weeks I didn't feel like I was wrapped in hot molasses soaked towels. I am happy to ride in this low humidity anytime.
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43 miles with a buddy today! Mother of God freaking hot today! My Garmin topped out at 105 and it was already 100 degrees 7 miles into the ride. I joked about cutting it short and my buddy agreed but I said I was just joking so we continued on. Maybe we should have called it quits at that point. It only got tougher.

On the final 10 miles, we stopped 3 times to try catching our breath. We passed a group of about 6 riders. Then my bud said he had to stop under a tree. Not wanted, but NEEDED! So we did then the group rolled by as we did. I thought I was sick or something feeling the way I did but after we continued, we saw the other group do the same thing about 1/2 mile down the road. So I was glad to know it wasn't just us.

Finally we got back to our start point, the train station. Nice AC but I walked in and about 10 steps in, I just placed my bike up against the wall and took a seat. The few tables there were taken up by homeless people chilling out so we sat on the floor to drink our smoothies.

I've done mountain rides with 12,000 ft of gain but this ride is the hardest and toughest I have done because of the heat. I don't usually suffer much in heat but today, this one stopped me in my tracks. We went into survival mode but pulled away from my friend. Then I thought I better slow down because if he passes out, I'd have to ride back to help him. He said he was worried that if I passed out, there was no way he would be able to carry me to the shade seeing I probably weigh about 100 pounds more than he does ha ha!

Early in the ride and we were already feeling the heat!

After the hot ride, I took the next few days off as the temp records were set here, 122 degrees! :eek: Heck, I got tired the next day watering the yard in the evening before dark. 2 hours out the and doing light work, still 103 at 6 pm. Man, I was toasted working on the yard so I figured I better not ride the next day ha ha!

But tonight, Wed, I figured I could get in an easy cooler ride to see how my legs were feeling. Felt great, no fatigue, amazing what the heat can do to you! So after 10 miles, I felt so good tonight that I wanted to stop at 10 miles just so I wouldn't get tired at all.

But figured I better do 15 since I missed some riding this last weekend. I had my little back up mask with me and once I saw the ash in my headlights, I'm glad I had it. WOW, look at that ash! Few wild fires around here so plenty of ash floating around. I also washed my truck and it's now covered in ash. Dang it!

But anyway, I have buds that ride without masks and I guess it's much harder to see during the day, but from what I saw tonight, I'm keeping my mask on. The sun has been fire red around here, lots of smoke in the air, really shows in the mountains, so I'm glad I had my mask tonight.

Didn't get a chance to ride over the weekend. Daughter was in town for my Dad's bday. He passed away 2 years ago. So she came to visit and we took my Mom to the cemetery to deliver some flowers.


So last night, I rode just to make up some missed miles. Again with the ash! Hate the mask but not too fond of lung cancer either.

16.7 miles at 16.1 average speed. Just trying to exercise the legs and keeping them rolling! :D

Looks the same as the last ride but spiders instead of beer ha ha! (Jerseys)

Rode a quick almost 10 miler today for my lunch hour. Improved on a Strava Segment without even trying! How do you do that???? LOL
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Rode a quick almost 10 miler today for my lunch hour. Improved on a Strava Segment without even trying! How do you do that???? LOL

Funny! Last night I was just trying to hold a pace and set 3 PR's. One at 21 something, 19, and 18 something average speed on segments I didn't even know were there ha ha!

Not to mention probably the first time my moving time has matched my elapsed time. :D


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Saturday a solo 46 miles at 17.0 average speed. Felt really good but 6 miles from the finish I experienced some sidewall damage to my GP5000. I hit something in a construction area about a mile before that bopped my front wheel to the side a bit. Didn't think anything about it till I flatted. I patched with a small patch as a boot then finished the ride. My first GP5000 so I hope it was the hit and not a sidewall issue with GP. Never had a sidewall issue before so I'm hoping this was just something in the road that hit the sidewall. Small pinhole type damage. I booted when I got home with more durable material but didn't feel comfortable knowing it was there so I just changed the fricken tire with still half the life on it according to the wear indicators. :mad:


Did carry my recorder. Had an op to record some buddies that I hadn't captured before. Then 3 minutes before I run into them, I flatted. So much for that!

Sunday, a nice 26 miler with Gina at 16.0 average speed. Really nice day and ride. Been hard to keep her on the bike with life getting in the way. Out of town visitors, the fires, smoke and ash in the air, the really super hot heat. So this was the first time in 3 weeks on her bike. She did well but suffered a little bit saying her tummy seemed to act up.

Nice ride but some dumb sheot yelled at me. I saw a group coming up so I sat up with my recorder then realized it was a friend of mine and the group pf which he is a member so I kept it rolling. But this moron shouts, "put your hands on the f'ing handlebars!!".

For one thing, I was nowhere close to them, another is that I could ride to Mexico and back with no hands, another is I have never had a road bike crash. SO F that guy and his scrawny legs ha ha! They're always tougher in a group and running their big mouths.

Another thing is, I found out they had their second crash that day. One guy seriously injured with an ambulance ride with a broken hip and other injuries. BUT YET THIS MORON IS WORRIED ABOUT MY HANDLING SKILLS?!?!? :D:p:D


The moron on video! And yes, I posted it on facebook and strava. Let that moron say something, I'll rip off his skinny legs ha ha!

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I had met a guy on the trail a few years ago. Became friends on Strava. Said he was coming from out of town and was hoping to run across one another. I told him I'd meet him. I rode 7 miles alone to meet them at their start point. I thought he was going to cruise, according to his Strava times. But he had a couple of buds with him. I was at the front just holding steady when he went around me and lifted the pace. OK!

Ran into another guy who hopped on (not in pics) and helped us. Fit guy with an aero bar bike. 3 of us did some pretty good pulls and worked well together.

So I ended up with 42 miles at 18.0 average speed. Good ride.

Rode my old 1998 bike


Green is Fazi, and his friens.

Post ride Far ******* pic ha ha!
Another 26 today at 16.8 average speed with Gina. Nice day, not too hot so Gina loved it! The white stuff is sun block not snot haha!

Ride video from Saturday with friends.

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Saturday, nice solo 43 miler at 17.0 average speed.

260 pounds of cycling material but hey, with this bones jersey, it makes me look skinny so I bet you're guessing I weigh about 175! :D:p:D

Sunday, a short 26 miler with Gina at an easy 16.1 pace. Easy pace but Gina did start to suffer the last 5 miles or so with an average temp of 90 and a high of 95. She doesn't ride much lately so I think she lost her acclimation to the heat. :confused:


The very short ride video I tossed together. Took my cameras on the ride both days but didn't run into any friends. maybe it was too hot for them. :D

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It's going to be a while for me. I had shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago and they tell me it's a slow healing process. Such great weather this fall which makes it even worse. Going to try the trainer this weekend.
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Jus a lil vid I thru together of my ride las nite in da dark! :D

22 miles or so from Upland to Covina, Calif.

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Here's the video from Saturday's ride with Joaquin!

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Sunday, supposed to be an easy ride with Gina but the freakin' wind made it harder than it should have been. :D

26 miles at 16.3 average speed. Nice day though, not hot for once. A chilly 80 degrees average today.

I told her not to eat anything in her bike top before a ride, STAIN!