Did you ride today ? new and improved thread

Cheesy little video from last night's ride. Testing my lights and ankle bands with an old Flip recorder I used back in 2010 to make videos. And checking to see how much light is picked up with this recorder vs the Go Pros at night.

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Didn't get to ride on Sat! :(

30 miles with Gina on the tandem Sunday. Haven't been on the tandem for a while. Gina doesn't like to ride the tandem when she hasn't been riding much. Says it is too much torture for me. It is harder, if you've ever ridden a tandem, you'd know what she means! :D

Not a bad pic! Well, other than Gina's spit on the ground ha ha!


So you stop to stretch after a few miles and your wife swallows wrong! The old Choke and Spit ha ha!

46 miles at 18.0 average speed. Good ride today with a buddy today. Not sure if I mentioned above, too lazy to go back and look ha ha ha! But Joaquin is ramping up his mileage to do a 60 mile Bday ride in early Nov. His usual is a fast 20 miles but last time we did 43 at a 17.8 average speed. This time, 46 at 18.0 so it's getting better. 60 shouldn't be a problem at all for him.

He's got a cool bike! Focus with some pretty nice stuff. Envy rims with Chris King hubs. The angry bee syndrome hub noise. I can always tell if he is pedaling or not behind me ha ha ha! And when he coasts.


Near the end of the ride I was in front and didn't even know he was taking pics. Got a good pic of my butt ha ha ha!

Nice easy ride with Gina on Saturday. 32 miles at 16.5 average speed.



Boy, I never liked riding with a group and tried it for a couple of months. All my suspicions were correct, they suck and are dangerous. Since I stopped riding with them, 3 people crashed the following 3 weeks. One took an ambulance ride to the hospital.

On Saturday, Gina and I were catching up to a group and actually passed the tail end. We weren't racing, just holding a comfortable pace for Gina. There is a horseshoe type turn at one point with a ton of space around it to stop. But the lanes are still marked there. This group had about 15 riders. About 10 still ahead of us so what do they do? The get to the turn and stop taking all the space and a couple even stop perpendicular blocking the lanes.WTH!

I roll through and say, "wow, can't believe you guys are blocking the lanes!". The dude with the hanky on his head looked and me and said,' EASY EASY!". So I said, "there are more than 10 of you guys, at least one should be smart enough to teach the others". ha ha ha!

So Gina and I continue on and maybe 1/4 before the park we stop at, they go rolling by. Like in a panic as if they were making it a point to pass us. I had no idea they were going to stop at the park but it figures, too many people trying to prove something usually pull off the trail a little after they pass you ha ha! Earlier, Gina and I were catching them and passing them one by one so I know this was a show off thing. I let them go by and didn't feel the need to prove anything and I never jump on the back of unknown riders.

So I see them pull into the park and so I pull into the park too. Ha ha ha, you could have heard a pin drop when they all looked over at me as I pulled in. I guess they figure I would try to avoid them. But I got off and the mouth dude went into the restroom (one at a time style). Then he walked out and I looked him square in the eye, the giving him a chance to say something look into his eyes. He looked at me, put his head down and walked by without a word. I looked at a couple of the other guys and looked back at them like, what, you gonna say something? Nobody did ha ha!

But wow, this is the reason I stopped riding with the group. I ride with a small group at times, 4 or 5 max but we stay in single file 99% of the time and pass safely even when we push the pace. We slow and make sure everyone around us is safe.

These idiots block the lanes for a stop, then passing, they all roll around like they're running from Godzilla or something. Idiots, pass safely and announce yourself when passing. Too many unsafe stupid riders. This is why I continue to avoid riding with a group.

Bunch of dumb asses!

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Sunday, another 26 miles with Gina at 16.6 average speed. Her first back to back riding days in a weekend in probably over 3 years with all the issues that went on over the last few years (family medical and deaths).

But she did really well. Felt windy at the start so figured it would be a tougher day for us both. But after a couple miles, the wind seemed to die down. So it was nice just holding an easy steady spin to the coast where it is usually a stiff headwind. She did really well but on the return, just a couple miles before the end, she got a bit winded and the temps seemed to warm up. So she had to slow a bit but did well overall and for the second day having a better average, I can't complain! :D

At the start, Anaheim train station.


Saw a photo op so I took it. :p


Ready to hit the road.


Just about finished. Gina was getting warm and winded but did really well anyway.

Nice little ride on Wed nite! 22 miles at 15.1 average speed from Claremont to Covina and back.

Ragging on my friend Eyemage! :D

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No ride Saturday, rain. But did ride on Sunday. Very windy but managed a solo 40 miler on the trail at 14.8 average speed. Pretty low for the trail but the wind was crazy! :D Early in the ride, about 15 miles in, I was pushing hard and holding 12MPH on a section where it's fairly easy to hold 20 on a quiet day. I was hoping that would be the worst of it but another 10 miles down the road I found myself holding 10 MPH on 3 different sections of the ride. It was tough and I was hoping for a good tailwind on the return but nope! More of a crosswind and far from one of those do 20 without pedaling tailwinds I was hoping for! :p

The ride was nice and a good workout. Other than having little sticks whack me in the face 3 times, yeah that hurt, and having the sand blast my legs in some points of the trail (river sand), it was all good! :p

Also, about 3 different times, if I had not known it was windy, I would have thought there was something wrong with my headset. The side winds were crazy.

Ever want the trail to yourself? Just toss in some wind ha ha ha! You'll find yourself on an empty trail without any other cyclists around you!


I hit rain in the north so I cut my ride short and turned around once it started getting harder. More sun on the southern section but still chilly. Good thing I have had my windbreaker behind the seat of my truck for like a year ha ha! Wish I had thought to bring my leg cover. But I didn't think it would be this chilly and windy. But still a fun ride!


Dark clouds at the coast


Wind was blowing hard enough for this bird to just set there and float into the wind.


Where are all the other cyclists?


Watching the wind blow the sand. That hurts the legs when it hits ha ha!

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Wed early ever ride, 22 miles at 15.3 average speed. Got in some gentle climbing so made for a good workout.

Lots of courteous drivers except for one stupid lady speeding up to the corner not paying attention. I saw it coming so I slowed. Then as she slammed on her brakes, I acted like I got scared just to show a little drama in her sucky driving. I went through then after I was clear, she took off like a bat out of hell. There are just stupid people out there that don't learn.

61 miles at 17.4 average speed with Ed and Joaquin. Joaquin's 60th birthday ride, so we did 60. :D


It's funny seeing my pic by ride partners. I guess I look 100 pounds bigger ha ha!

Sunday, a nice steady ride with Gina, 31 miles at 16.2 average speed. Was nice to go easy but the wind kicked up on the final 5 miles or so. What a drag ha ha! My legs were tired at that point but still a nice ride after the harder effort on Saturday.

Getting ready to roll!


Felt good first several miles relaxing and spinning the legs.


At the beach stop taking a break. I think Gina was fresher than I was. I was getting tired and she was good.


Got a good headwind on the way back, had to take a break behind Gina for a couple minutes. OK, I'm not going to lie, I just like seeing her big ass out there ha ha! :D

The ride video of the 60 mile birthday ride on Saturday. 61 miles at 17.4 average speed with Joaquin and Eduard.

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The ride video of the 60 mile birthday ride on Saturday. 61 miles at 17.4 average speed with Joaquin and Eduard.

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Happy birthday to both of us.
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Got in a solo night ride of 22 miles tonight. Only 55 degrees as a low but wow, my ears were freezing. Wore my gator mask in case it was cold not wanting to breath in the cold air. Heck, a soar throat nowadays would make one think it's a death sentence with the virus going around. :p

I brought it to avoid sucking in cold air but thank goodness I had it. Had to cover my ears at the start. Not so bad half way through but the start was rough ha ha!

Just roaming the usual roads I ride at night while riding in traffic but looking for safer back roads and ideas. So I mixed up a couple of courses and came up with a good route. I thought I'd have more elevation gain but not what I expected so I'll have to find another road that goes further up as I was riding in the foothills.

Cold ears!


Got my Mark's Bike Shop bottles. My buddy owns a shop.


A little break at a school that crossed my path. :D

I am still stuck on the trainer. I am not suppose to put any pressure on my shoulder as yet. Maybe a couple more weeks.
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45 miles at 17.7 average speed today with a buddy Joaquin. He usually does 20 mile rides year round. But turning 60 couple weeks back, he wanted to get in a birthday ride so he asked me to ride with him to help in the longer mileage. I did for a few weeks and we ramped up his mileage and completed his 60 mile bday ride last week.

So I thought he was done and thought I'd ride alone today but got a message last night asking if I was riding. Oh, OK, I guess he's liking the longer rides. So we rode together again today. :D He says next week, he would like to do the entire trail of 60 miles roundtrip as he has never done it. So I guess we have a plan already! :p

Joaquin's got that fancy hardware!


The ol' looking back selfie on the bike trick. :D


Ran into a friend at the coast, Ramy. He had 3 flats on his ride today and still had about 20 miles home. Couldn't figure out the reason why. But he used his tubes and had no more. I had some patches that I gave him to get him home. He said later on Strava he had no more flats but was glad he had the patches and said he plans to pay it forward when he gets a chance.

Then he asked if he could take a selfie with my camera ha ha!


Another friend Tony in front. He does short 10 mile rides on the trail. Cruises to the coast then when he runs into us, he likes to crank it up! Today he did about 5 miles with us and his last 2 miles or so, he got in front and cranked it up to 24. After having about 40 miles in my legs at this point, I was trying real hard to keep up ha ha! Thank goodness he turned off.


Nice day for a ride.

35 miles with Gina today. 15.5 average speed. She hasn't done any long rides for quite some time so today she asked to increase the mileage to 35 but asked if I would keep the pace down some so she wouldn't suffer too much as it has been her longest in quite some time. Cool! She did it rather comfortably and this means that the usual 43 milers we used to do are well within reach once again.

I backed off the pace as much as possible seeing there was a stiff headwind the first 18 miles to the coast. It was push hard of fall over ha ha! But the return was very nice. On a stretch where Gina used to hold a 20 average for 7.5 miles, today was one of those days but as promised, I just cruised it at an easy 17 mph. So overall a nice ride and Gina felt good at the end, so it's all good! :D

A little warm up, a stretch , and a couple of pics, good to go!


Every stiff headwind deserves a little grin!


Wow, nice sun today and 73 degree temps but foggy at the coast.


Ahh, end of the ride and feeling good!

Tuesday night ride, short easy 16 miles. Just trying to get in a few miles to make reach my goal this year. I wanted an easy ride as Joaquin is liking the long rides now and asked me to do a 60 on Saturday so I'll be doing easy rides during the week. This one and hopefully a 10 miler on Thursday night, real slow just to spin up the legs.

I did install new brake pads on the bike today. But right before I went for the ride, I decided to adjust the rear pads. Half worn but alignment changes with wear so I lowered one of the pads that seemed to be off and not wanting it to go in the rim, I made the adjustment. Wow, with the new pads, I have to be careful as the tension is pretty darn good ha ha! I also adjusted the barrel so the rear pressure was more like the front.

So after this, I had to get my bike ready switching from the Madone to the Cannondale. I had to install the light mount on the hb's, swap water bottles, seat packs and contents, hook up the helmet front and rear lights, equipment bag from large to small (Gina not riding tonight), install rear light mount on frame, seemed like it took me an hour to get ready. :mad:

Headed out on the road tonight right along the foothills. After last week, I put my tights and windbreaker behind the seat of my truck and glad I did. Only 55 degrees but when you are used to 90% of the days in So Cal being 100+, 55 feels real chilly ha ha!

So now the curfew here is 10 PM so I rode around 7:30 and it was chilly by then. Had to use the mask to cover my ears too. After the first 5 miles, not so chilly feeling but didn't really want to breath in too much cold air anyway. A sore throat nowadays is something to worry about.

Found a decent course. After the first 5 miles, I seem to be out of traffic.


Camera acts different in the dark. I tried to get my hb's over the bike lane symbol in the bike lane but totally missed ha ha! Slower focusing I guess!


Meh! I was on a freeway overpass. Plenty of cars on the freeway but didn't show at all in the pic. Told ya the camera acts differently. Certain sections of the ride are cooler than others. But I did take off the mask while riding past Pinnacle Peak the steak house, man it smelled good! :D

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