Did you ride today ? new and improved thread

Well, a 46 mile ride (16.5 average) with a friend I met on a cycling forum, a strava buddy, a blog follower ha ha! Met him a couple of times already as I had invited him to do a couple of longer rides when I was riding with the group. Good guy, very humble, soft spoken, and nice....SO WE GET ALONG SINCE OPPOSITES ATTRACT HA HA! Actually, he is a soft spoken guy and when he sees some of the material I post, he will send a message and say he agrees and wishes he could have said that himself. :p So I like the guy ha ha!

Supposed to be 3 of us so the plan was a 60 miler as the 3d guy had never done the length of the trail, 60 roundtrip. But he must have cheesed because he didn't show up. So Jim and I modified the length as the wind was blowing pretty hard. Some points were really tough. Feel like a wimp doing 15 mph but then passing people reminds you of just how hard to wind is blowing ha ha ha!

Jim is 69 but looks like he's 50. I need to keep riding my bike! :cool:

Did some good teamwork on Saturday!

Sunday, another 31 with Gina at 16.0 average speed. Same wind but I tried to keep the pace down some knowing the wind was going to beat me down. But Gina looked good. Heck, one of the short steep ramps, about 30 yards long, she rolled around me and beat me to the top. That is rare ha ha but she did! :D Kept a steady pace and again, passing several riders so a low average but good with the wind conditions and Gina looked strong today.

They cleared out the tables in the south wing. Sure glad because the homeless were making the tables their homes. Not wearing masks as well, won't follow rules and beat the hell out of the beautiful restroom facilities they have here. One of the ladies I know from Strava was hassled by a lady homeless so she called the cops. That was a few weeks ago and since, they have cleaned it up. Heck, we follow the rules!


Gina, break time at the beach. Not many riders around at all when it gets windy.


I am not one for vulgar pics but this one gives me the chance to shoot the finger at some of the people I interact with ha ha! This is for you! :D

So anyway, I had this gator type mask on. I felt something tickle my neck slightly. I thought it had rolled up or caught on my jersey. So I figure I better check it, I placed my finger on my neck to see what it was and STING! :eek: Freakin' bee stung my finger. I didn't like it but after thinking about it for a few seconds, glad it took the finger and not the neck. I swell at the place of impact. I do carry Benadryl so hope it helps though it is just a finger.

They say you can pack mud on a sting to help it. Not sure if that incudes sand mud too. But either way, the neck would have been terrible. But the little sucker jumped to the ground after stinging me so I crushed the F out of it, pay back! :p

The little video from Sunday's ride with Gina. I took the recorders but nothing much to record so this is what happens ha ha! Finally got around to checking the recorders and tossed something together for kicks.

This was last night. Solo ride at night throwing in a little extra from last time. Another loop to put me over 1100 feet of gain on the ride. Last time I had about 800 and 22 miles so I needed more out of this ride. Now it is 25 miles and 1100+ feet gain.

Al those drivers trying to get me! :D Actually as I have said many times, 99.5 percent of them are very courteous. I've only had one or two drivers race to beat me to the intersection. If I can hear that I can't win, I'll back off and let them beat me. I am not in a race to get hit. But most of them I hear slow and fall behind me. So I will do my best to kick up the pace and get out of their way so we can all be safe.


At home I chose the brightest jersey I have for night visibility. Then when I started the ride, I remembered I had to wear the windbreaker. So it was all for nothing ha ha. Had to get a pic of my old fart jersey though.


This Christmas house really goes out for the holidays. It was Halloween in Oct. They decorate the yard and the strip in front of their house. Got some real good decorations. :D

30 mostly solo miles last night with 1,300 ft gain. I caught up to the group I used to ride with and passed them. Later they caught me at a stubborn red light. They rolled by as I was at a stop so I passed them again but this time, 2 fast guys pulled ahead and once we hit the 3 mile grind, I couldn't catch them 2. :D:p:D

On a rolling section, trying to catch them, my max was 32 mph. Took me about a mile to catch them. Thank goodness it was only a mile as I looked down and my speed was 26 and I couldn't have held it much longer ha ha!


After 27 miles, I had to stop and take a short break. I wanted to ride through but my legs were talking back on this 2 mile grade. But they were pretty far behind at that point. Thought they might catch me at my stop but didn't see them till the end of the ride as they were completing their 25 miles.

It's dark out here! :D

Solo 50 miler today. 16.4 average speed. Someone turned on the wind a few weeks ago and forgot to turn it off! :mad:

Ran into a friend, Alyce today. Stopped for a little chat. And hardly anyone at the beach stop.

Another 31 mile with Gina today. Tough headwind on the return today. Something unusual happened on our ride today, Gina actually passed a couple of riders up the steep little hill ha ha ha!

Aiming for 450 miles in December. Have 136, only a few more to go! :D

Yes I rode today which was late last night. A short 10 mile ride testing an old mount I bought about 10 years ago. Cheap Chinese product on ebay. It has fold out legs rubber coated that lock into place. Pretty cool little mount actually but haven't used it much having K Edge mounts for my Go Pro recorders.

Well I bought a Go Pro handlebar/seatpost/pole mount that really sucks. Waste of $30 as it vibrates so much mounted on the bike. I guess it would work if I wanted to mount it on a pole and record growing grass. :mad: Cheap overpriced Go Pro mounts are pretty terrible eventhough they claim to have upgraded to a tougher plastic material. Still sucks, I'm done with them!

I ordered some inexpensive mounts on ebay that are similar in concept to the Go Pro but much smaller and being aluminum, I am positive much better with far less vibration such as my K Edge mounts. I even ordered alum links and replaced most of my Go Pro stuff other than the buckles that must remain plastic needing the flext to snap into place.

But even this old cheap mount with velcro strips to hold in place was far better than the mount I just bought and wasted my money. So I am really looking forward to the alum product which has been shipped and should be received within a day or two!

So anyway, 10 easy miles last night fiddling with the mount. I got about 10 clips on crappy bumpy roads traveled by many semis and it is pretty smooth. Versus the expensive Go Pro that I used over the weekend on a smooth trail resulting in 10 video clips and only one, maybe a second being good enough to use in a video.

10 miles, late night, finished about 10:45

The cheap mount that is better than Go Pro

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I feel so much skinnier in my skeletal bones jersey ha ha! Just got it in the mail, $28 online, Primal brand.

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Though I'm alone, still take my mask cause you never know.

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Tried medical masks, home made handkerchief masks, then this little thing I got from a dude standing on the corner selling home made masks for $5. Pretty well made and fits much better. Secure but yet not too tight and a seam in the center to bring it out away from the nose and mouth allowing better breathing.

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Proud on you guys

So this is a video, clips from the weekends. No music video, mostly visiting with friends, new and old. :D

Met a new couple from Strava. I was in the restroom when I heard somebody ride up and ask if she was Gina. I wasn't sure if I should come out or not wondering if they were haters or likers ha ha! Turned out to be very nice people who follow plenty of my material across the net. :D

Gifted me an energy bar too ha ha!

Night ride with a small group of about 8 people. Different riders than before so it is a nice change of pace. :D

25 chilly miles, for us SoCal people anyway! :p

Saturday 65 mile ride (15.5 average) with a small group. Lovely ladies and very strong too! The lady with red hair was over 300 pounds not too long ago and now looking great. Nice lovely lady!

Sunday, another 31 with Gina. Trying to get in 440 miles this month for December.


Short 20 mile chill ride on Monday. Very interesting that this ride is called The Monday Night Chill Ride. :D

On a trail I live near but never ride. I hate the crossings, stopping and starting at every cross street. The other trail I frequent is 60 miles round trip, no stops, no cross. So this was whack! But I did not know the way so I had to follow these 3 women from the group. Oh the sacrifices we make for cycling! :p

Well, figured I'd start a new thread since the other dates back to 2015 and none of those posters are posting any longer.

So this is the newer latest updated version. :D

Post your rides and adventures! :cool:
I waiting for it to get a little warmer then head our for a 25 mile short ride with only about 500 feet of climbing. It is near the end of the year and I'm not going to improve much on my3,500 miles and 120,000 feet of climbing. I like to brag about that as long as I can since I'm 76 and I don't know how long I'll be able to keep climbing. Just a couple of years ago I had over 250,000 feet of climbing and 6,000 miles. The change may be caused by covid lockdown or a minor injury that keep me out of riding for a month at the best time of the year.
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Yes I rode for the first time on the road in over 3 months. More like a survival outing. I have a ways to go to get back in decent form. I got to use some cool weather gear my wife gave me back in November.