diet and testosterone and cortisol 

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    > while ive never seen any studies on this, it's commonly claimed in
    > the weightlifting community that you need to eat a protein-rich
    > meal/supplement every three hours in order to prevent muscle
    > wasting, as well as to revv up your metabolism, and prevent that fat
    > storage that you would get by eating bigger meals just 3 times per
    > day.

    I've got BMI 25 with 6.8% body fat, eating once a day. Trainer who
    measured it two weeks ago at the gym first guessed it would be 7%.
    The muscle wasting deal is more complicated than a simple concept
    "reservoir with the fixed rate of waste". The reasoning for the simple
    model is that excess protein cannot be stored - therefore you have to
    provide constant input. But it's not the case. Wasting rates decrease
    with the decrease of protein intake and they also decrease with the
    level of training. That is, there is physiological adaptation to both
    the amount you eat and the amount of exercise. So you can achieve the
    same net balance while eating sparingly. Most efficient time for
    taking protein-containing food is right after training.