Difference between Surly Cross Check and Cross Check SS Frame


Jan 1, 2005
Hi All,

Wondering who would understand the difference between the two frames. They seem to be the same from what I can read. Is it that the frame can only be used for SS or fixie?

Thanks all for reading.

I'm pretty sure the frames are identical and the difference is in build kits.

Both have the semi sloping rear dropouts which supports a bit of chain tension adjustment range for SS use but also have a rear derailleur hanger and the geometries are identical.

Thanks Dave.

I see one and thinking to see if I can pick it up. Sounds like I can change into anything I would like. It says you can add the racks also so should all be good.

Pretty good deal on the bike including most of the kit but the seat post and seat to bring down the cost even a bit more. Going to strip down the breakaway and turn the surly into a perfect bike for commuting/training/touring. Finally be able to have a perm home for the shimano setup including older mavic wired PT wheel/hub. Put a 50/34 or maybe my 42/34 for now and than move it to a 50 later. I may put the 50 on the breakaway and ditch the 53 for now.

Than put all the campy record parts on the Ti breakaway and I have my two bikes for 2014. The rest I am just going to sell off but for a few spare parts.

Getting excited again...


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