Difference between Trails and Trials

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    Trails is the plural form of trail, like offroad usually so they are
    probably talking about muni.
    Trials is the kind of unicycling where you jump on stuff, do pedal
    grabs and that kind of stuff. Trials is usually done on a 19" wheel
    with 2.5" trials tire.


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    Trails. its when ppl are off road, much like if your going a mountain
    bike, riding on trails, also called Muni or XC.

    Trials, is when your using obsticles, hopping from rock to rock, from
    the rock, to a skinny board, ride along the board, hop onto a bench,
    from the bench, pedal grab the ledge behind it, go to rubber, and then
    jump off the ledge and clear the bench =p stuff like that.

    Here is a *Trials* 'video'

    Here is a *Trails* 'video'


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