digital thermometer - cheap small fast wide range?



is there such a thing as
a digital thermometer - that is cheap small fast and wide range?

what would be perfect is a regular medical type -
if it would ONLY read from 0F to 200F.

is there such a thing?

all the ones i have seen, have a range of about 85F-110F.
and i cannot find any actual published info on the ranges,
they seem to never mention the range, assuming that
you will only use it for medical purposes, i guess.


< $20

long form factor : up to ball-point pen size,
or short form factor: diameter of a quarter, 3/8 thick

+/- 2F

-40F to 300F nice
0F to 140F necessary

reads air temp within 10 sec
this is the least important spec, it can take up to 60 sec
if everything else is within specs.

also i would like it to be on all the time, not have to press
a button.

battery life should be one year or more.

On 3 Mar 2005 05:45:28 -0800, "wle" <[email protected]>

>is there such a thing as
> a digital thermometer - that is cheap small fast and wide range?

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Dear WLE,

The Davis WindScribe wind meter relies on knowing the
temperature, so it has a nice temperature display that you
can choose instead of monitoring puffs of air.

It's rated for -4 to 122 degrees F, with 0.1 resolution, but
+/- 2 F accuracy based on a 1.25 second average sampled
every 80 ms, with high and low retained for your viewing

Like any thermometer, it probably resents being left in the
sun, so you might have to rig a shield--I'm not sure yet
where the temperature's taken. It may be already somewhat
shielded and in the wind stream.

It even gives a calculated wind chill.

Alas, it's around $80, but easy to mount. A pure thermometer
may well exist at a much lower price.

Carl Fogel

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