Dilemma #342


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May 3, 2002
I'm sure we've been through this before but I don't have the time to search for the thread.<br /><br />I'm in the market for some new pedals and have narrowed my selection down to time vs campagnolo.<br /><br />I know most people who have time pedals swear by them and I too use time pedals on my MTB. I currently use Look on my road bike but find that I pull my foot out of the pedals too often and don't want to take the risk anymore.<br /><br />I have only heard about people who know someone with the campy pro-fit pedals, but have never managed to actually find anyone who uses them. I have also heard both good and bad things about the campy pedals.<br /><br />Now in my research I have established that the new Time pedals are alot more expensive than the Pro-fits (Titanium models) and are also heavier by about 30-40 grams (which at this level of componentry is alot IMO).<br /><br />Can anyone who uses Campy pro-fit pedals let me know the good and bad points of the pedals, as I am currently favouring them over the time pedals coz among the lighter weight, reduced cost, I also don't have to get an adapter plate or new shoes too.<br /> ??? ??? ??? ::)
What kind of Look pedals do you use?If they are PP136,PP206 or PP337 that is probally why.The springs are pretty poor on them and they dont keep their strength.PP296 and PP396 are very good.I had PP337 and had my right foot coming out all the time when pulling up.<br /><br />I got a pair of PP396 and never had problem.Can really attack hard and feet never pull out of the pedals.I think there is another good pair but cant remember model.Any ones that have the yellow 'lateral float' screw on the back,seem to have really good tension springs(also adjustable).You wouldnt go wrong with 396
In fact, there a pair of PP396's (new) available on bidorbuy for 600 bucks. Bidding closes 20 Oct.<br /><br />Check http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/static/Category2380.html
The deal is done.<br /><br />I managed to get a set of Record pro-fit's at a really good price, so I'm gonna give them a go. <br /><br />
<br /><br />At 266g, they're pretty darn light. ;D