Dinner 3-26-06

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    Someone suggested crab legs, and with the crab legs on sale, I was
    happy to oblige. I also picked up a few tilapia fillets just in case
    (actually for another meal, but word must have gotten out and we had an
    unexpected guest.)

    I fired up the grill, and coated on of the tilapia fillets with
    blackening spice. I left the other plain. I grilled the tilapia, the
    crab legs, some corn, and a few potatoes. I threw on a few italian
    sausages in case a non-seafood eater stopped by.

    Menawhile, I had soaked some bulghur, and whipped up some tabouli, with
    extra tomatoes and heavy on the lemon juice and mint.

    Served the crab legs with melted butter (not clarified, but it was
    served in a teacup, and was easy enought to pour clarified off the
    top). Washed it down with O'hara's Stout (sp?).

    While pulling the tilapia off the grill, I swear one of them tried to
    jump. But I got him, just in three pieces. Note to self : buy some Pam

    Many of the potatoes are left over, but not much else. This is somewhat
    intentional, as left over baked potatoes make the best home fries.
    Saturday I did just that with a left-over sweet potato. Different, but
    still good with bacon and eggs.

    For baked potatoes on the grill, it seems that pre-microwaving them for
    about 5-7 minutes (many potatoes, not just one) gives very good results
    and speeds the process considerably. Works with both regular and

    Dean G.