Dinner last night

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Old Mother Ashby, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. No, there is no photo, though it didn't look bad at all

    I had some lamb, lemon and rosemary sausages and wanted something quick
    and easy to go with them. Also had half a punnet of cherry tomatoes that
    needed using. So I made what is basically a Donna Haye recipe that I
    thought people might find interesting.

    Cut tomatoes in half (obviously this would be quicker if you use full
    size tomatoes) and place cut side down in ceramic ovenproof dish. I made
    half quantity of the sauce, but the full quantity is 2 tbs olive oil,
    3tbs balsamic vinegar and 3tbs caster (superfine) sugar. Haye includes
    oregano as well, but I didn't have any. Mix ingredients, pour over
    tomatoes. Bake in 200C (moderately hot) oven for 20 mins or until
    tomatoes are soft. In the meantime make up instant polenta usng half
    milk and half water. Add grated parmesan and butter and salt. Add cooked
    chopped spinach - but naturally I used frozen, the really hand kind that
    comes in little pucks instead of one block so making half quantity was
    no trouble.

    Serve the tomatoes on top of the polenta. This really is delicious, and
    you could have it on its own without any meat at all. And talk about

    Roast lamb tonight, a total no-brainer except that the instead of my
    usual boned saddle I let the butcher sell me something (two somethings
    actually) that he calls noisettes, boned loin I think.