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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Kate Connally, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. I bought some bell peppers to have with my Bulgarian
    feta cheese that I told you all about last week. Well,
    the green peppers were not that nice and they were $1.99
    a lb. And the red/yellow/etc. pepper were too expensive
    at *3.99 a lb. Then I saw a bag of marked down peppers -
    2 nice yellows, one orange, 1 red, and 2 green for $1.99!
    I used one of the green ones with the feta and then I
    was thinking about just cleaning and dicing the rest and
    putting them in the freezer. But I hated to waste fresh
    peppers that way and the I thought, "I haven't had stuffed
    peppers in a couple of years!" So, I cut them in half and
    cleaned them and I was pretty sure they would keep in the
    coldest part of the fridge until Sat. Friday night I stopped
    at the store and got ground beef and some grated Romano.

    Since I hadn't made them for so long I wanted to make sure
    I wasn't forgetting anything important so I looked up the
    recipe in Joy of Cooking. I hate that stupid book. It
    didn't even have a real stuffed pepper recipe. Well, it
    had several recipes for peppers stuffed with things but
    not the basic, all-American stuffed pepper where you make
    a mixture of meat and rice and various other things and
    then stuff the peppers and bake them for about 45 min. to
    a hour. Theirs called for blanching or parboiling the
    peppers and then stuffing them and baking them just
    briefly. The filling was pre-cooked. That is *not* the
    way to make stuffed peppers! So I got out Betty Crocker
    and there was the right recipe. I also checked Good Housekeeping
    (another of my standard/basic cookbooks) and the New York
    times Cookbook. Neither one of them has a recipe for
    stuffed peppers either! What the hell?

    So, here's what I did - not following a recipe. I cooked
    some rice (jasmine) and let it cool. Mixed it into the
    ground beef. Added eggs, Romano cheese (my own idea), some
    oregano, basil, parsley, freshly ground black pepper, finely
    processed onion, pressed garlic, and mixed it all up. No salt
    as I figured there would be enough saltiness from the cheese.
    Then I added enough bread crumbs to get the right consistency.
    I filled the pepper halves and made meatballs with the leftover
    mixture. I baked them all and then put the meatballs in a
    bag in the freezer to use at a later time.

    When I served the peppers I used a little more Romano to
    sprinkle on top. Boy were these things good! I'm saving the
    rest for after T-day as I am also trying to finish up a
    pot of pork stew that I made a couple of weeks ago.


  2. Carol Garbo

    Carol Garbo Guest

    Kate: And, you didn't even invite me over to eat your stuffed peppers!
    They sound wonderful!! Carol

    Our life may not always be the party we would have chosen, but while we
    are here, we may as well dance!
  3. Carol Garbo wrote:
    > Kate: And, you didn't even invite me over to eat your stuffed peppers!
    > They sound wonderful!! Carol

    Well, Carol, if you're anything like your cousin
    Greta, I figured you'd vant to be alone. Sorry.