Disc brakes' pads


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Jun 28, 2014
Hi, what pads for my shimano disc brakes would you recommend? Im planning to spend a big sum of money in a new mountain bike and im looking for quality. I have read there are standard metal pads, standard resin pads and ice tech finned versions for both metal and resin pads, Im gonna cross country a lot, but I wont practice on professional circuits or trails. Where I live there are two long up and downhills (300 meters long, 70 meters of height difference). Which one would you recommend and why? thanks
FWIW. While 300 meters may seem like a long climb, it really isn't ... And, EVEN THOUGH it is fairly steep, I think it depends how many switchbacks it has and where they occur, how much speed you are scrubbing AND the subsequent run-out ... So, you probably do not need to worry about which TYPE of pads your disc brakes have. I think that YOUR BEST BET is to ask other riders who traverse the course you plan to ride on what they recommend.
For anyone going on a similar path, I'd have to say that standard pads will do the trick nine times out of 10. You don't need anything fancy unless you're trying to compete or do something incredibly tough. I've always used standard pads and have seen great results using them. I haven't had any issues by not opting for something that's supposedly better.
Standard metal pads are the best considering that they do not overheat making breaking effective. They tend to cool faster hence reducing wear. They can also be used on any weather. These qualities make them last longer hence reducing maintenance costs.

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