Discovered an amazing meditation secret

I've been really getting into meditation lately. At first I was
finding it difficult, until I discovered what everyone else has been

Whilst I've been failing miserably everyone else has been reaching
deep meditations and reaping the benefits.

And theres me attempting to do what the Tibetan monks have been trying
to master for over 1000 years.

Thinking back I feel like a bit of an idiot thinking I could follow
the same path as the Buddhist monks, considering my culture and
society are worlds apart from theirs.

Anyway, I now know what you guys have probabily known for ages.

Its knew to me so it's an amazing secret and im still up in a cloud
about it.

Anyway for those that want to get internet lessons at the same place
as me. Its free so money's not an issue, which I feel goes along with
the whole spiritual idea. You do need to sign up for the lessons so
you can receive the info.

Make sure you read the information your sent, and then go off and try

Oh yeah make sure you read lesson 2 fully! Its really this lesson
which im up so exstatic about. Discovering this one secret really took
the burden of life off my back.

You can sign up for the free course here:

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