Discovery 401 or Claud Butler 300 ?

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Adam, Mar 23, 2003.

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  1. Adam

    Adam Guest

    Which is best buy?


  2. Eric Nolan

    Eric Nolan Guest

    I can't really give you any definitive help with your question, but in the absence of other

    I've got a CB Urban 300 and I'm very happy with it. It deals well with the fact that I am very heavy
    and a lot of the roads I commute on are plagued with major pot holes. It is not a particularly light
    bike, but it is sturdy and that is what I needed. With the slick(ish) tyres that can as standard it
    is also quite fast, despite being an unfit fat [email protected]$#@rd I still manage to overtake more often that I
    am overtaken. My only complaint (and this is just a niggle really) is that the front gear derailler
    seems to go slightly out of alignment quite easily and since the changer is indexed I get some
    rattling in some gears until I adjust it again. I have to stress this is a very minor issue, it was
    the only negative thing I could think of.

    A friend of mine has a Dawes Discovery 301 which I tried out a while ago. I'm not sure how different
    this is to the 401, but I assume it is quite close. Unfortunately I can't compare very well since
    his bike is a lot smaller than mine and so it was quite uncomfortable by comparison. The Dawes
    seemed a lot lighter, more so than the smaller size would seem to indicate. It also seemed to have a
    much shorter top tube (once again seeminlgy more so than the general size difference) and this meant
    a much more upright cycling position than on my CB, which was already quite upright. How upright you
    like to ride seems like a matter of taste, personally I like being able to see what is going on
    around me in traffic more than the aerodynamic benefits of a more lean forward posture. My friends
    only complaint about the Dawes (he really likes it in general) is the saddle. It has quite a soft
    padded saddle which absorbs water when it gets wet, making for an unpleasant ride home after it has
    been outside in the bike rack on a rainy day. The CB has a firmer, though still padded saddle, that
    is some sort of pseudo leather, a quick wipe with my gloves and it is dry.

    I did a quick search on google to see what the 401 was like and I found one place that seems to have
    them at a big discount though, making them much cheaper than any Urban 300 prices I saw. Url below,
    but caveat emptor, I know nothing about this site.

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