Disgusting Old Skool Cycling Food = Yuk !! (worth reading)

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    I've been reading excerpts from the book I bought on Trademe about the Southland Tour (here in New Zealand) from 1956 - 1980. I bought it to send to a friend who rode in within those years.
    Anyway - its interesting and I knew of some of the guys from the later parts of the book.

    I've read about Kelvin Hastie who was the winner of the first ever Southland tour in 1956.
    I only remember him as an older guy who used to come out to some of our race club meetings in Dunedin / Otago in the 80s and sit regaling folk with cycling tales of old in the pub afterwards.
    Sadly he'd contracted cancer and was on the way out. As if to hasten the process he started the smoking habit.

    One part shocked me;
    He acknowledges the help given to him by his hostess in Southland, Mrs Harry Hubber (back when women were known by their husband's first names - ahh, they were good days!).
    He said "Her effort was tremendous. Breakfast each morning was a big plate of steak, chops, fried eggs, porridge, toast and marmalade. I can still hear Harry Hubber(a local racing legend) saying, 'you've got to get into it'. "

    I would be heaving after eating that, not the least because I've not eaten any part of a dead animal for 12 years. To then race a tour stage(often two in one day) and drag that up hills etc!!

    He did have something more akin to what we would be more likely to have today(although I've not drunk tea or coffee since I was 18 years old).
    'A neutral section near Clinton beause of gravel proved helpful and he asked a relative who lived nearby; "Get us something to eat. I'm starving." He had two cups of coffee and four hunks of fruit cake.'

    I wonder what rocket fuel there will be for endurace atheles in the future?

    Paul ;-)