Dissertation Research




I am completing a doctorate in tax accounting at the University of
Kentucky and need participants in an IRB approved survey. If you have
any suggestions on how or where I can get them, I'd appreciate advice.

My only requirements are that they are US Citizens, are the person
primarily reponsible for tax matters in their household, and have hired
a tax professional at least once in the past five years.

If you qualify, please help me out by taking my survey. If you know
anyone that qualifies, please forward this link to them.

Thank you!

Teresa Stephenson
TeresaS wrote:
> I am completing a doctorate in tax accounting

My sympathies.
Well, I was hoping that rather than being bored you were willing to
assist someone in completing their education and becoming a professor
that teaches taxes and accounting! However, I also let you vote on to
which charities I will donate some money.