Ditalini con favuzze e ricotta

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    Ditalini con favuzze e ricotta (Pasta with broad beans and ricotta cheese)
    >From Grotte in the province of Agrigento Sicily.

    1 1/2 lbs.Ditalini Pasta
    3/4 lb. fresh ricotta cheese
    2 lbs. small fresh broad beans
    scallions, olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Shell broad beans, take the top off and cook on a very low flame with some
    oil, finely chopped scallion, salt and pepper.
    Do not fry them, just let them cook in this juice.
    Cook pasta, drain "al dente" and add to ricotta previously diluted with
    of the pasta water.
    Add beans and a lot of pepper.
    Serve hot.

    NOTE: Ditalini Pasta is a pasta shaped like a small tube that is often
    in soups. A larger version of ditalini is known as ditali.

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