DIY Bicycle Clothing

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    DIY Bicycle Clothing

    Swimming season end nears as the sun's arc shortens above northern
    ridges.Soon cold mornings follow with a quick sun and body warmup.
    One(wait one while I look outside)apparel manufacturer offers
    leggings, arm warmers and a light balaclava in polyester. A tour of
    your local thrift shops or bureau
    raid will produce a child's polyester pajama separable to the
    manufactured set. Cutting produces the leggings, arm warmers and
    balaclava with neck opening. Velcro tabs at bal's rear can be hung
    with a small neck protective cape for long morning treks west across
    the desert. I have a spiderman with manzilla as spare. Balaclava's are
    made from the microspun poly t-shirt you ripped up in the brambles by
    using the existing balaclava as a pattern to paper then the T. Do one
    side then repeat and tape together for a precut trial. Cut the fabric
    small for a squeeze fit. The sewing takes a few minutes, keeps hair in
    place and bugs, road dirt off. Checkpout DIY Chainguard $2 and DIY
    Tirerepair in I write a journal at"Interspecies Communication Journal" 1 and 2.

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    arm and knee warmers at commercial prices appear somewhat outside cost
    effective clothing for most riders. an accoutremoat.
    but when the rags are on hand-effective!
    in cool air upwind is wind chillsville
    then downwind one rides in a still air pocket with the sun's
    insolation bringing your sphere's temp up dramatically.
    the arm and knee warmers are comfy under these conditions turning
    hehehe a survivable ride into downwind through the elysian fields.
    polyester finishes are many from the rubber diving suit weave and
    finish to the police T's mid-kansas/LA summer weave/finish. The kids
    PJ's may have a similar range so be picky.
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    g.daniels wrote:
    > DIY Bicycle Clothing

    Arm/leg warmers can be made by cutting the end off an old pair of socks.

    > I write a journal at
    >"Interspecies Communication Journal" 1 and 2.

    I saw this note several days ago. I haven't had the nerve to read it.

    dvt at psu dot edu
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    the grackles meet me on the ride home. whistle greetings
    fly alongside
    cross the field as the crow flies
    then raze me for riding around
    my guess is the boats wnat me to buy an ATB
    dum. the field's fenced

    i have a second batch of data and another baseball story