DIY Helmet Mount for ( $1.00

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October 6, 2003

Hey ya'all

This is a DIY (Do It Yourself) Helmet Mount -- a commuter special!!

This helmet mount can cost you less than a dollar to make.

HELMET MOUNT (a "10" on the dork factor)
1. Start with a throw away used inner tube.. you decide on road inner tube or mountain bike
inner tube.
2. Cut to length (varies depending on the distance between the vent holes in your helmet. You need
to experiment here!!!
3. Tie the two ends of the cut inner tube together to complete a circle.
4. Now thread the inner tube through the vent hole of the helmet with the knot on the outside of
the helmet.
5. Bring the two end of the inner tube together on top of the helmet and secure with zip ties or
Velcro cable tape. NOTE: the loop ends of the inner tube must be at least 1" apart or so and
when you use the zip ties to cinch the loops together, the inner tube is stretched to create
the tension needed to hold down the light on top of the helmet.
6. Re-position the inner tube so the inner tube knot fits nicely in the vent hole.
7. The job is done!!!

Now all you need is to find a bike light or a flash light (preferably with a rectangular barrel
instead of round barrel).

8. Lift the inner tube away from the helmet.. Place your bike light or flashlight under the inner
tube. The tension on the inner tube will keep the light in place. To increase the tension..
Repeat the process and use shorter length inner tube. To make the light even more secure, use
adhesive-back Velcro tape on the bottom of the light and the top of the helmet.

Personally.. I've used a Cateye Hyper HL-1500 4AA bike light. With the natural curved design of the
light.. it follows the contour of the helmet rather nicely.. and the beam is simply the best.

To get a really nice white light -- use (HPR44 halogen 4.0v 1a; 4watts; 200 hr bulb life; 100
lumens; about $32.00 for 10 mail order) with 4 rechargeable 1.2v batteries.

By overvolting this bulb and with a great Cateye optic reflector.. this light puts out close to a
10w MR11 bulb. When overvolting the bulb.. you diminish the life of the bulb to about 20 hours. And
since the Cateye HL1500 has two power setting.. gently slide the switch from low power, pause.. and
then to high power. I found that this extra second saves the bulb from burning up immediately.

I've also used a cheaper and more widely available KPR103 (3.6v , 0.75a;
9.7Watts bulb; 25 hour bulb life; 34 lumens) Krypton bulb ($1.60 for 2 at Wal-Mart). -- The bulb
life is about 2 hours when overvolted .the light output is simply WOW!! -- better than a 5w
Mr11 bulb.

My second choice is the Zefal HF635.. With the 3 bright yellow Leds and a stock
10.6 watt halogen lamp.. and a curved design similar to the Cateye.. the option of running LEDs
makes this light perhaps a better overall choice. The optics on this light is subpar compared to
the Cateye. I've never tried to overvolt this light because I am afraid I'll melt the reflector
on this light.

And finally... If your helmet vents are situated as such that you cannot aim the beam in the
direction of your choice.. I would go to Wal-Mart and spend about $6.00 for a RAYOVAC 2AA flashlight
that has a rotating swivel head. The light comes with clear lens and a red lens. Not much light. But
better than nothing. Be careful with this light. The battle holder cap slides on instead of screws
on -- so you need to use tape to secure the cap to the body of the flashlight.


Much obliged. Nick Lee Sparks, NV carless since January 2000.
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