DIY xmass gift idea 66

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by [email protected], Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Tire repair kit.

    1. spray can-yellow-Prestone silicone lubricant available at
    2. Park's TL-1 Tire Lever called 'spoonbill' tire levers.
    Blue colour, pack of three
    3. Dutch Plastic Tire Levers imported by Kool Stop-comes in 3 pack
    with a rubber embrader on the enclosure's sides!
    4. Abrasive pad, green color available at woolmort.
    5. Rags, clean.Amazing.
    6. Possible use for Duct tape, Nashua 368 for velo or
    rubber strip splicing and valve hole mending.
    7. also sharp razor blade helps here also at woolmort
    8. tire patch material, your choice-but day one pack of the euro
    feathered edge from prestaville and one pack basic black from
    schradercity, and yawn there's always Bell at woolmort.

    And the incomparable!

    10. an 8oz can of BalKamp 765-1198 Napa Universal Cement
    made in Muskogee! but available at NAPA.

    11. a can of denatured alcohol-cleans glue and oxidized rubber

    12. A copy of DIY Tire Remval 2 here in!

    the compulsive can search to and get a tube of their
    legendary ceiling VW supraglue!